Danna Paola hits with socks that cost thousands of pesos | PHOTO

Continually, Danna Paola He shows off his style on social networks, where we can see that one of the characteristics he shares with ‘Lu’, a character he played in ‘Elite’, is his taste for fashion.

Well, in addition to having the outfits in trend, the interpreter of ‘Bad Fame’ has revealed that her wardrobe is made up of elegant and sophisticated garments.

And these exquisite and expensive pieces of clothing help you generate iconic outfits not only for her presentations, but for her daily life, parties and important events, such as her sister’s graduation, a moment she shared on her Instagram account, where in addition to seeing her happy for her beloved accomplice, we could see her with an amazing spring look.

Only this time we will focus on analyzing a more casual outfit that the beautiful interpreter also shared on social networks, which includes a fancy pair of socks whose value exceeds what many would pay for a complete look.

And it is that in her last Instagram post, Danna Paola was seen with an incredible outfit consisting of a crop top and white tennis shoes, which she combined with trendy green shorts and straight sunglasses.

Danna Paola shows off her look with luxurious Balenciaga socks

Not to mention his balenciaga socks According to the brand page, they cost 2,550 pesos, a cost that although some might consider appropriate for a garment from a renowned firm, others might consider it a waste.

But considering the success of the career of the former judge of ‘The Academy’, it is clear that she has the possibility of buying clothes of this style, which in addition to fitting her very well, makes her honor her role as Lucrecia Montesinos in the Netflix series that we already mentioned.


Danna Paola DOES NOT use coins because “they smell bad”, they throw them in nets because they think they are Lu

Glitter, the perfect trend for this summer is the favorite of Danna Paola

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