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Oppenheimer (2023), the new feature film by Christopher Nolan, is a biographical drama based on the American scientist J.J. Describes the life of Robert Oppenheimer and his role in the project.
Manhattan, as the developer of the atomic bomb.

It’s a movie full of dialogues and close-ups where you can enjoy every subtle facial movement of actors like Robert Downey Jr., Cillian Murphy or Dane DeHaan.

Emily Blunt plays Kitty.

And what caught my attention the most, and isn’t talked about much, is how Nolan used the two female characters in the story as symbols.

First is Jean Tatlock (Florence Pugh), an American psychiatrist and physician, as well as a member of the American Communist Party and Oppenheimer’s lover. With a warm atmosphere and colorful clothing, she embodies Opie’s self-indulgence in the film with a hint of lust.

Self-indulgence is the personal satisfaction a person experiences by engaging in actions or behaviors that may be considered inappropriate or dangerous in terms of health, morality, or responsibility.

There is no laughter between Oppenheimer and Jean, and the bouquets of flowers end up in the trash. But they maintain an intense, exciting and forbidden relationship.

This is reflected in the intimate scene in which the physicist recites verses from the Bhagavad Gita and utters the famous phrase: “Now I have become Death, the destroyer of worlds.”

Gene becomes the Jiminy Cricket of the film, that is, he is the epitome of consciousness.

Although this is not his main objective, he knows that by developing the atomic bomb he will actually become the “Destroyer of the World”, and he accepts this. He does it not only because he must, but also because he can. He has the brain power to do so. And who will stop him?

In the other corner is psychiatrist and doctor Catherine Kitty Oppenheimer (Emily Blunt), Robert’s wife. She is not exactly the kind of woman who would wear the World’s Best Woman medallion on her chest, as she becomes pregnant with Robert while still married to her previous husband, in addition to drinking to avoid caring for their newborn children. takes support of

But Gene becomes the Jiminy Cricket of the film, that is, he is the epitome of consciousness. His role is to advise and warn Oppenheimer. Consciousness is associated with the ability to reflect on our actions and understand our own motivations.

She represents the rational and moral part, trying to guide you towards wise and moral decisions. does she listen? Well, that’s hard to do when you think you have it all.

OP and Kitty, in their own ways, understand, forgive and need each other. They complement each other. There’s love between fiasco-nuclear formulas. They may have calculated feelings, yes, but they still exist.
And I end this column with a phrase from Kitty to Robert: “You can’t sin and then ask us to feel sorry for you when there are consequences.”

david leppe

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