Danna Paola shows her most tender side with an adorable PHOTO from her childhood: “She was a happy pumpkin”

For a few years it has become customary that each Children’s Day social network users share some of their best childhood photos, and this trend could not help but join Danna Paola.

It was so the interpreter of ‘Bad Fame’ decided to post an unpublished photograph of his childhoodin which, in addition to looking adorable, she wears a pretty cute outfit.

The photo shared by Danna Paola It dates from her early life, possibly before she started in the world of acting, since her little face looks even more childish than when we saw her in her first television role.

His outfit is a costume that turns out to be very popular among the little ones, who with an orange botarga become the happiest in the world.

If you still don’t have an idea of ​​what costume it is, we anticipate that with this characterization Danna Paola honored a popular Halloween ornament.

Thus, with a simple make-up that highlighted her cheeks, Danna Paola embodied a smiling pumpkin, who by the way wore a headband similar to the ones the actress wore in her role in ‘Elite’. Could it be that since then something of Lucrecia lived in her ?

This is not the first time Danna Paola shares photos of her childhoodsince on several occasions the composer has tenderly recalled some of her childhood experiences, not only in the professional sphere, but also in the private sphere.

Well, although she has spent her life on sets and in studios since she was little, Danna Paola was also able to enjoy her childhoodalthough in a very different way than other children her age, because she not only had to deal with her schoolwork, but also had to memorize the dialogues and songs that accompanied the soap operas in which she starred.


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