David Beckham earned more than 500 million dollars after his signing with LA Galaxy

Aalthough currently david beckham lives a new stage in his career by being co-owner of Inter Miami in the MLS, in the past the former footballer of the LA Galaxy, Real Madrid and Manchester United was harshly criticized for his bet to play in North American football.

Well, in that 2007 the former English selected player sacrificed 70% of his salary with Real Madrid to play with the LA Galaxy in exchange for 6.5 million dollars per season with the galactic team.However, now almost 15 years later, two secret clauses have been revealed that led the former English captain to earn more than 500 million dollars during his time in the MLS.

Journalist Joe Pompliano shared through his Twitter account a thread in which he explains how two secret clauses helped Beckham to turn his winnings with the LA Galaxy into an incredible sum of more than half a billion dollars.

According to research carried out by Pompliano, Beckham managed to negotiate a percentage of the income of the Los Angeles club, among which were official articles, tickets to the matches and food and drinks that were sold in each of the LA Galaxy matches, which increased the 6.5 million dollars that Beckham received more than 50 million per year.

In total, during the five seasons that Beckham was in the LA Galaxy, he received a total of 255 million dollars with the aforementioned agreements.However, another clause helped him double that figure, which today allows him to be a co-owner of Inter Miami.

Beckham’s incredible business upon arrival in MLS with LA Galaxy

The already mentioned increase in the profits of David Beckham was on the rise by signing a clause that gave him the right to buy an MLS expansion team in exchange for $25 million once he retired as a professional.a higher figure than what was paid for Toronto’s arrival in MLS.

although recently In 2020 Inter Miami joined the MLS, Beckham did not have to pay a millionaire figure for the expansion as other franchises such as New York City FC, Austin FC, Cincinnati, Nashville and recently Charlotte and St. Louis did.franchises that paid between 100 and 325 million dollars.

With the arrival of Inter Miami, Beckham exercised his option to purchase an expansion franchise for just $25 million, fact that yielded him great advantages and increased his fortune even more.

Beckham’s franchise was placed among the best valued in the MLS, since It is located in 10th place with an estimated value of 585 million dollars, a figure that increases the 25 million that Beckham initially invested by 2,240%.

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