David Cronenberg dares to see five minutes of his new film

There are only weeks left for it to be released Crimes of the Future, the long-awaited new film by David Cronenberg. Director of The fly Y A dangerous method will premiere his new film at the Cannes Festival 2022. Thus, he will return to the horror genre after a year since his last attempt.

However, the filmmaker already anticipates that it will be a film very divisive in the audience. In fact, he claims that many they won’t last five minutes of their new project and will leave the room from the start.

The new Crimes of the Future movie

Some days ago the first trailer was released Crimes of the Future, the new film that will mark David Cronenberg’s return to horror. Viggo Mortensen, Kristen Stewart and Lea Seydoux They will star in what is already one of the most controversial films of 2022.

And it is that its first advance shows that it will be a quite original and graphic story, which will not leave anyone indifferent. For this, the director will explore the genre of body horror, with which he caused a stir years ago thanks to The fly.

Crimes of the Future focuses on a dystopian societywhere humanity begins to adapt to changes in their environments and with it they begin to transform their bodies, crossing the boundary between human and artificial.

“There are very strong scenes. I’m sure there will be people walking out of the room in the first five minutes.”David Cronenberg noted about the effect his new film could have. Furthermore, he revealed that the last 20 minutes will be the most difficult for the audience.

“A guy told me he saw her and almost had a panic attack”continued the director in conversation with Deadline. Given this, he assures that he is not worried about the reaction, but he is not convinced either. that everyone is so shocked.

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