David Cronenberg returns to body horror with Crimes of the Future, which premieres a trailer

Whoever enjoyed the aspect of David Cronenberg that led him to direct films like The Fly or Scanners will be in luck, watching the first trailer for his new film, Crimes of the Future. This will be his first film since no less than 2014, when he directed star mapplus his first original screenplay since the 1999 film, eXistenZ.

The most disturbing Cronenberg

Crimes of the Future is set in a future where humans can freely alter their body without feeling any kind of pain, and that’s where the protagonist, Saul Tenser, comes in, who is dedicated to organizing performances in which he puts his own body to the test with all kinds of creations. When we talk about altering, we do it even of the internal organs, so to all this we must add Cronenberg’s imagination for this type of situation and we have a film that promises to be quite disturbing.

Crimes of the Future

The cast of Crimes of the Future is full of notable proper names. Playing Tenser will be Viggo Mortensenwho already worked with Cronenberg in the also raw, although in a different way, A History of Violence and Promises from the East. Kristen Stewart will also be present, carving out a career away from the Twilight saga, as well as Lea SeydouxBond girl in No Time to Die and Spectre, in addition to others such as The Life of Adele, Inglourious Basterds and Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, although we also know her for playing Fragile in Hideo Kojima’s video game, Death Stranding.

The premiere of Crimes of the Future is scheduled to be at the Cannes Film Festival later this month, between the 17th and 28th. Afterwards, the public premiere will take place in the cities of New York and Los Angeles on June 3, with a premiere around the US on the 10th. At the moment there is no confirmed date in Europe.

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