David Cronenberg’s new film with Vincent Cassel

One of the best news we have received this 2022 is the return of David Cronenberg with a new tape titled Crimes of the Future. And now, if life didn’t smile on us enough with this, the Canadian director announced that he is already working on a new movie beside Vincent Cassell.

The Shrouds is the title of this recently announced project, which not only brings together Cassel in the leading role, but also part of the production team who accompanied Cronenberg on Maps to the Stars. This film, as we remember, was the filmmaker’s last before he was released for an 8-year absence period.

But here we are to tell you about The Shroudsthe character that Vincent Cassel will play and everything related to the premiere of Crimes of the Future next week during the Cannes Film Festival. HERE Official selection.

Check out the first trailer for David Cronenberg's 'Crimes of the Future'
David Cronenberg / Photo: Getty Images

The Shrouds with David Cronenberg

As we told you, The Shrouds marks a new collaboration between David Cronenberg and Vincent Cassel after work together on Eastern Promises Y A Dangerous Method (which, coincidentally, are two of the same ones that brought together Viggo Mortensen and the filmmaker).

The Shrouds introduce us to Karsh, a widower and businessman that builds a device that connects the living with the dead from the veil used in burial. The thing is that families (future clients) they can watch their deceased loved ones decompose… in real time, live and direct.

Karsh’s plan seems to be quite successful, but everything takes an unexpected turn when some of the graves in the cemetery (which is private, of course) are vandalized and/or destroyed, including that of his wife. The protagonist must investigate who is behind all this, and at the same time, discover the reasons behind the pain of his loss.

Vincent Cassell
Vincent Cassel / Photo: Getty Images

Crimes of the Future

In an interview with Deadline, David Cronenberg said that he hopes that most of the viewers at Cannes, sand leave 5 minutes after the screening of Crimes of the Future, acknowledging the intensity of the scenes. It seems like a challenge, and that excites us even more.

Crimes of the Future reunites Mortensen with the director in their fourth film together, adding Léa Seydoux and Kristen Stewart to the cast. The film focuses on Saul Tenser, a performance artist, his partner Caprice. The film is set in a future where humans have learned to alter their biological makeup. ceasing, in part, to experience physical pain.

Lea Seydoux, Viggo Mortensen and Kristen Stewart in 'Crimes of the Future'
Léa Seydoux, Viggo Mortensen and Kristen Stewart in ‘Crimes of the Future’ / Photo: Neon

Next to them appears Timlin, a researcher with the National Organ Registry, with the goal of finding a key that will make humans evolve sooner. The ideal of transhumanism as part of industrialization and capitalism, breaks the relationship of time with the body.

The film will premiere in Cannes within the Official Selection, competing for the Palme d’Or this 2022. The Festival starts this May 17 until the 28 of the same month. HERE we tell you more and we leave you the trailer, followed by the first teaser.

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