David Faitelson joins the trend against him

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David Faitelson He did his thing again on social networks and sent a controversial message in which ‘joins’ the trend #Fuerafaitelson that, hours before, positioned itself as one of the main On twitter.

the origin ofand that trend was when the ESPN journalist criticized those people asking for the exit of the current coach of the Mexican National Team, Gerardo Martino and asked instead, the departure of some footballersI know what have not had the optimal level on the pitch

Out, Tata… Out, Tatayes, very well… I think it’s wonderful, but… and what about Why don’t we shout: “Out with ‘Chucky’, out with ‘Tecatito’ or out with Jiménez. The football players they are as responsible as the coach of the soccer state of the Mexican team…” was the message that sparked the controversy.

After this message, The answers did not wait and the users from twitter formed the #Fuerafaitelsonwhich, in a few hours, era of the main trends in Mexico.

Faitelsonbefore the siege that livedtook out another controversial message in which he joined those who ask for his departure.

Solidarity and voluntarily I join the #Fuerafaitelson” published the journalist.

As to your first tweet, the answers came in bunch; Some they invited him to really do it and others asked him to remain.

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