David Faitelson’s message after the elimination of Saprissa


True to his style, the renowned Mexican journalist gave his opinion on the match between Pumas and Saprissa.

David Faitelson, journalist for the ESPN network.
David Faitelson, journalist for the ESPN network.

This Wednesday night, the Pumas of the Autonomous University of Mexico beat the Sports Saprissa with a score of 4 goals to 1, a result that not only confirmed the Mexican superiority in these tournaments, but also left the monster out of the competition.

After the first leg game in which the Purples played a great match, the scoreboard in the Ricardo Saprissa of 2 by 2 kept the hope tica to be able to give a surprise in the University Olympics and break the North American hegemony in the contest.

Mexican superiority

But neither the desire, nor the purple impetus, nor the sporting desire of the Central Americans were enough to reverse what all forecasts indicated, the advance of Pumas and the disqualification of Saprissa. Once again, the representatives of Costa Rica played two games and back home.

There are reactions from the protagonists on social networks about this situation, but the comments of sports journalists are also already being read. One of those who took advantage of the moment was the always controversial and renowned Mexican journalist David Faitelson, who from his Twitter account pointed out: “The Pumas put things in their place. They show their great moment to beat the Costa Rican Saprissa in the Concacaf Champions…”

And it is that despite presenting many casualties in their stellar formation, the university students knew how to handle the game, easily defeating the Central Americans and without going through any great trouble, there were no surprises, only logic prevailed.

This was also replicated by the communicator on his social networks: “Andrés Lillini continues to create “the miracle” of some competitive Pumas… The team, despite its limitations and casualties, continues to show an amazingly healthy face…” Faitelson noted.

The feline team faced their commitment against Saprissa with several heavy casualties, but it was not felt on the pitch, a sign of a well-managed and structured team, but also with a clear game idea, where names do not depend on systems and of a t’ctico drawing that works effectively. Cristian Battocchio, Amaury García, Alek Álvarez and Jorge Rucaba were part of the absences this Wednesday.

For the purples it is one more negative experience on Mexican soil, but for the Pumas it is to get one step closer to the coveted trophy, time will show us how far it is capable of reaching.

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