David Faitelson’s reaction now that Cuauhtémoc Blanco wants to lead the Tri

Faitelson's reaction now that Blanco wants to be DT del Tri
Faitelson’s reaction now that Blanco wants to be DT del Tri

The former player of the Mexican National Team, Cuauhtémoc Blanco, during one of his interviews, pointed out that if he does not continue in politics, he would seek to be the coach of the Tri or América, as it has been his dream. Something that surprised locals and strangers.

One of them, David Faitelson, recognized that the now politician Cuauhtémoc Blanco would be a good option to be part of the Mexican team, although he said it sarcastically, since Faitelson prefers Blanco to be in soccer and not in Mexican politics.

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“Well, there is another option: Cuauhtémoc Blanco says he wants to continue in politics, but if there is no opportunity, he wants to direct the Mexican soccer team. I believe that, for the good of the country and of all of us, it is imperative to offer him the technical direction of Tri ya”, commented the sports analyst

Why don’t Cuauhtémoc Blanco and David Faitelson get along?

It all happened in the Veracruz stadium when Cuauhtémoc Blanco hit David Faitelson, according to the player because of the criticism he made. Years later they apologized, but it seems that Faitelson does not forget this event.

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