David Harbor spoke about his relationship with singer Lily Allen

American actor David Harbour, from the series “Stranger Things”, recounted in a recent interview the moment he realized he was in love with British singer Lily Allen, reported Page Six.

The couple jumped into the water in 2020 at a Las Vegas ceremony before an Elvis Presley impersonator, after first being linked in 2019.

Also, the interpreter pointed out to the GQ revival that he began to speak with the interpreter during the filming of the movie “Black Widow”, starring Scarlett Johansson.

«I was in London single and recording ‘Black Widow’. I initiated the interaction with her via text messages; she was in Italy at the time, then we got together and went out. We went to The Wolseley (UK) restaurant and it was wonderful, she’s fucking amazing,” the artist commented on the “Fuck U” vocalist.

took over his heart

Similarly, the artist who gives life to Jim Hopper in the popular Netflix series explained that he realized that the singer was the woman of his life when he made personal confessions and she reacted favorably.

“It was on our third date; I decided that I would be brutally honest about everything. I told her about my life and beliefs and she accepted everything I told her. She needs someone really wonderful to take everything I said that day in a positive way and I realized: ‘Wow, she is the type of person I want in my life,’ “, she detailed.

In the same way, David Harbor took the opportunity to expose Allen. “She claims that she fell in love with me at first sight,” he noted.

As you may remember, the singer of “Smile” has two little ones, 9 and 10 years old (Marnie and Ethel), product of her union with Sam Cooper, with whom she was between 2011 and 2018. Harbor has no children so far.

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