David Lowery (‘The Green Knight’) is also among the directors of ‘Skeleton Crew

The production of Skeleton Crew It ended earlier this year, but the names of the directors involved have not been released so far. After winning the oscar behind the phenomenon Everything at once everywhere, daniel kwan and daniel scheinert were confirmed as directors of at least one episode of the upcoming series of Star Wars. One that is raising a lot of expectation beyond its directors.

And the series is starring Jude Law (only confirmed cast member so far) while jon watts (responsible for the last trilogy of spider-man in it mcu) acts as showrunner next to Jon Favreau and dave filoniarchitects of The Mandalorian, as executive producers. The most attractive of Skeleton Crewhowever, is the plot: it revolves around a group of children lost in the galaxy looking for a way to return home, at the time of the new republic that today is already trying The Mandalorian.

The appeal of Skeleton Crew has done nothing but rise since we know that the daniels in between, and now The Hollywood Reporter echoes that David Lowery he is also among the directors recruited. Not knowing how many episodes this filmmaker has signed, his signing for Skeleton Crew has undoubtedly been facilitated by the good relationship that it maintains today with Disneyowner of lucasfilm.

Anne Hathaway and Michaela Coel

For the Mouse House Lowery directed peter and the dragonand this 28th of April premieres in Disney+ another review live action of an animated classic, Peter Pan and Wendy (where Law also appears, as the Captain Hook). lowery joins Star Wars while continuing to develop an admirable career, between Disney and the production company A24. For this independent label he has directed the green knight either A Ghost Storyand today prepare the musical Mother Mary with Anne Hathaway and michaela coel.

The novelty of Skeleton Crew It is announced a week before the Star Wars Celebrationwhich this year will take place in London. At this event, Lucasfilm will be able to reveal more news about its upcoming releases, with the possibility of making some shocking announcement about its film division: the one that, after the debacle of the rise of skywalker and the influence of the series, it has not raised its head for years.

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