David Muro criticises the suspension of punishment against cheater Paco Sanz

David Muro explains how Paco Sanz scammed him

Paco Sanz He was known as the “man of 2000 tumors”. Fraud of more than 260,000 euros Seeking help to undergo the alleged treatment and thus be able to live. Thousands of people helped him and one of them is David Murrow, Actor, and Writer Alejandro Ruiz, who denounce the situation in ‘Code 10’ and that is The execution of the sentence has been suspended Who denounced Paco Sanz?

Paco Sanz scandal

He simulated a fatal disease, said that he would have to travel to the United States to recover and did not stop broadcasting videos in which he said things like: “They tell me ‘you have cancer and you are dying'”, “I need your help to defeat the disease, death because he is knocking on the door” … and he managed to convince thousands of people to give him donations.

However, He was arrested in 2017 and the entire videos he recorded, including those that were broadcast after his call He mocked his donors Making jokes, pranks with hospital materials and all kinds of ridicule.

Although he was convicted, Paco Sanz has managed to escape from prison. The Madrid court has suspended the execution of his sentence based on several factors: he has no criminal record, the sentence imposed does not exceed two years and he has recognized permanent disability. In addition, a new disease, prostate cancer, was added to his record two years ago.

It is also important that he pays the civil liability claimed against him in a timely manner in order to avoid jail.

Scandal against David Murro and Alejandro Ruiz

On set, actor David Murro reacted to the situation and was the first to highlight that he saw justice being served “Loose” and added: “It seems to me that law is not synonymous with justice.”

The actor is not worried about the money he gave her, which he believes was about 250 euros, he denounces that the NGOs with which he collaborates also helped him: “Now it is not a question of what you give, Cheating, being deceived And you are definitely a part of that deception as a popular figure who calls on people to cooperate It was a huge blow, it was believed Big”.

The actor said, “It is not just a betrayal of money, it is a betrayal of morality, people have felt humiliated.” He is not the only person affected who came to meet us on the set and he was also Alejandro Ruiz, A writer was also deceived: “In the editing process, when things started to get bad, I went to Valencia to sign, I saw this guy arrive with designer clothes, the latest iPhone, tablet, a new car… And I say it stinks, they won’t throw him in his house like he says.”

Alejandro claims her 8,100 Euros All in all and it has not yet been recovered: “I hope that with the signature of the executor I will now be able to obtain it.”

Paco Sanz’s disease

Dr. Gaona explained to us in ‘Code 10’ what type of disease Paco is suffering from. About this Cowden syndrome, It is a rare disease in which a large number of benign tumors form, but the specialist explained: “A tumor is a group of cells that does not have to be malignant, it increases the risk of cancer but not definitely or because it has it you are going to die of cancer.”

David Muro and Alejandro Ruiz, betrayed by Paco Sanzfour.com


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