DAVID ORTIZ AND CÉSAR EL ABUSADOR – Who tells the truth about the attack on David Ortiz?

The defense of Jean Alain Rodríguez called the private investigation of the David Ortiz case “a fallacy”, which reveals that the former attorney contacted the former baseball player to support the theory of mistaken identity.

Carlos Balcácer said at a press conference that Jean Alain never called David to order him to support the version of the Public Ministry.

“This man (Ed Davis) is lying and David Ortiz is left with the challenge and opportunity to clarify that at no time did Jean Alain order him to endorse the investigation,” said the lawyer about the investigation led by the former Police Commissioner of Boston, Ed Davis.

When asked if he had talked to Jean Alain after the article was published, Balcácer confirmed it and said that his client had supported the results of the local investigation with statements in the press.

“The former prosecutor is not a detective nor does he manage investigative aspects, he sticks to what the competent bodies provide him and gives the official versions as a spokesman for the institution, as continues to happen today,” Balcácer pointed out.

The defense attorneys of former prosecutor Jean Alain Rodríguez also insisted that there is a disinformation and disrepute campaign against Jean Alain, who is serving 18 months in preventive detention at the Najayo Hombres Correction and Rehabilitation Center, in San Cristóbal. , for the Medusa case.

On the night of Sunday, June 9, 2019, the former Major League star and now a member of the Cooperstown Hall of Fame, David Ortiz, was shot while sharing with several friends in a bar in East Santo Domingo.

In the following days, while Ortiz was undergoing emergency surgery at the Abel González clinic and then sent to the United States to evaluate his health, the versions of what would have happened and the reasons for the attack on “Big Papi” continued to appear on the networks. social.

On the part of the Dominican authorities, it was the then director general of the National Police, Major General Ney Aldrin Bautista, who said that they would have paid 400,000 pesos to assassinate David.

In that same version, it was later reported that Carlos Rafael and José Eduardo, who are serving sentences of up to twenty years in the Azua Prison, would have received the amount to distribute it among the group that would attack the former baseball player.

However, about 10 days later, the authorities’ account changed and they revealed that the attack was supposedly not directed at David, but at Sixto David Fernández Vásquez, a man who was also at the bar that night and with whom they had been mistaken for the Big Papi and that it would have been orchestrated by the Dominican drug trafficker, Víctor Hugo Gómez.

In a press conference held at the Attorney General’s Office, the then attorney, Jean Alain Rodríguez, together with General Bautista, indicated that Gómez Vásquez’s problem with his “cousin” Sixto David Fernández began when he was arrested in 2011 for drugs and illegal possession of weapons.

“At the time of the arrest of Víctor Hugo, Sixto receives the information that his cousin is in prison and goes to the National Drug Control Directorate (DNCD), and when he goes to the DNCD, he realizes that he is not there. , but when he is leaving, Victor Hugo enters the DNCD right there and he observes him, and immediately assumes that he (his cousin) is the person who betrayed him and betrayed him, and for that reason he does not forgive him for the fact that he betrayed him”, expressed at that time the then director of the National Police, although later the head prosecutor of Santo Domingo Este, Milcíades Guzmán, indicated that the enmity between cousins ​​originated from a conflict of “commercial ties”.

Right there, Alberto Rodríguez Mota, who was in the bar to serve as a warning voice for the assassins, and Junior César la Hoz Vargas “Yayo”, who allegedly covered the expenses of Gómez Vásquez’s lodging, were pointed out.

The information from the Public Ministry later detailed that in reality $30,000 had been paid to attack Sixto David and indicated that the plan to end his life began when Rodríguez Mota contacted Carlos Rafael Álvarez, alias Carlos Nike, who purged a code of 20 years in jail at kilometer 15 of Azua. This in turn communicates with José Eduardo Ciprián, nicknamed Chuky, who is also in that room for various crimes. Next, Chuky manages to contact Oliver Mirabal and Gabriel Alexánder Pérez Vizcaíno (Hueso) by phone, the latter considered by the authorities to be “his eyes” on the street in this operation. Later Mirabal is in charge of looking for Joel Rodríguez (Calamargo) and Eddy Vladimir Féliz García (El Nata); these in turn sought the services of Luis Alfredo Rivas Clase (El Cirujano) and Rolfi Ferreras Cruz.

Víctor Gómez refused

Gómez Vásquez recorded a video before being arrested by the National Police at the Carmen Renata III residential complex, in Pantoja, Santo Domingo Oeste, “if something happened to him”, where he assured that he is innocent and that he would never dare to attempt against life. of Sixto David, whom he identifies as his relative.

“They are accusing me of planning an attack against Sixto David Fernández, which at no time or for any reason do I have an interest in or would do something like that. I am not his enemy and he himself has confessed that he does not have any type of enemy, ”he says in the video published by the Dominican lawyer Carlos Rubio. He says that he would not be capable of making an attempt against the life of Dominican baseball player David Ortiz, and that he is a father of a family. He also explained that he did not turn himself in to the US authorities, who are looking for him for allegedly belonging to the “Gulf Cartel”, because he did not have money to pay for a lawyer.

“I was waiting for them to pay me some money from a property,” he says in the video, which was sent to his wife in case something happened to him.

In the same video, Gómez added that he did have a type of discontent with Sixto David, but he defined it as something normal between family members. “Yes we had an inconvenience like any other type of person, we were upset, but David knows that I would never be able to do something like that,” she added.

Those involved

Due to these results of the investigation, at least thirteen people were arrested who would be linked to the attack against David Ortiz.

Among those serving preventive detention are Rolfi Ferreras Cruz, Oliver Moisés Mirabal, Eddy Vladimir Féliz García, Joel Rodríguez de la Cruz, Porfirio Ayendi Dechamps Vásquez, Reynaldo Rodríguez Valenzuela, Gabriel Alexander Pérez Vizcaíno, Lanny Estefanny Pérez Reyes, José Eduardo Ciprián, Carlos Rafael Álvarez, Franklin Junior Merán, Víctor Hugo Gómez Vásquez, among others. They are all facing trial.

David was the target

With the change of management in the Public Ministry, the improvement of Ortiz’s health and the progress of the case in court, the version seemed to stay in time; However, Big Papi hired Ed Davis, former National Police Commissioner, since he “wanted to make sure” of the versions given by the authorities and even, at the end of that year, stated that the findings were the same as indicated by Jean Alain and Ney. Aldrin.

However, 33 months and 12 days after the attack, in an interview with the Boston Globe newspaper, Davis pointed out that Ortiz was indeed the target of the attack and that the intellectual author was the drug trafficker César Emilio Peralta, “César El Abusador”. .

Davis pointed out as possible reasons for the assassination attempt, that the drug trafficker had felt “disrespected” by the baseball player at a certain moment.

As he told the Boston Globe newspaper, Davis said the “specific reason” why Peralta might have felt so disrespected as to order Ortiz killed remains unclear, but he argued, along with former CIA agent Ric Prado, that the motive probably “was an accumulation of jealousy and perceived slights.”

They indicate that, in 2015, Ortiz organized a birthday party at the Aqua Club in Santo Domingo, owned by Peralta, and that US authorities later identified it as one of Peralta’s alleged money laundering companies; the Globe also collects statements offered by the Big Papi where he acknowledges that “they often exchanged greetings and sometimes took photos together.”

The former Major League player frequented the clubs that were directed by Peralta and the researchers point out that he felt on more than one occasion “overcome” by David since he took the “attention” of those who were in the nightclub.

There was also speculation that Ortiz was romantically involved with Peralta’s wife or girlfriend, which was denied by the player to the Globe. Still, Prado and Davis indicated that Peralta might have been angry simply because other women in his circle seemed to like Ortiz.

“Even if there was no affair, just the fact that one of Peralta’s women was attracted to David or was flirting with him, that could be seen by Peralta as an affront,” Prado said. The report highlights that no evidence was found that Ortiz engaged in any type of business with Peralta or knew him more than incidentally.

According to the PGR, but not

Davis and Prado agree with the version given by the local authorities that Ortiz was confused with his friend Sixto David Fernández, who was in the bar and would have had a fight with the Dominican drug trafficker, Víctor Hugo Gómez, and who would have orchestrated the attempt to murder.

However, they do understand that Ortiz was also a target and that the entire plot was organized by “El Abusador.”

“Prado said he guessed Peralta was thinking ‘okay, they tell me I have to hit this guy and it turns out he’s going to meet with Ortiz who has been bothering me and stealing my sun. This is an opportunity for me to get rid of two problems at once,’ says the Boston Globe publication.

Prado also reportedly commented that Peralta may have known that Fernández and Ortiz would be together that night because a couple of Ortiz’s friends were telling Peralta about him.

Other findings

Davis, Boston’s police commissioner from 2006 to 2013, said his investigation turned up information that a Dominican gang cell called “Los Trinitarios” in Lawrence “wanted to kill Ortiz.”

The former police commissioner explains to the Globe that the relationship between Peralta and Los Trinitarios was unclear, but that the threat was “serious enough” to provide security, however, he noted that the Dominican police refused to cooperate with his investigation. , and when Davis asked Carmen Ortiz, the former federal prosecutor in Boston, to contact Jean Alaín Rodríguez to discuss the case, he rejected her request.

Davis said his findings are based primarily on intelligence from US law enforcement sources and field research done by former CIA agent Ric Prado, part of his team, in the Dominican Republic.

Prado reported that he gathered information from US government sources. in Santo Domingo and deployed former Dominican military and law enforcement officers who were carefully examined, including polygraph tests.

Alleged protection for the Abuser

He himself indicated in his report that he learned that Peralta’s control over “powerful Dominican officials” was something “generalized.” “The problem we encountered was that there were so many people at the Peralta shoot that they couldn’t afford him to start talking during the interrogation because they felt he would take their money. We were receiving information that he would attack these government officials if they betrayed him,” Prado said in the interview.


Ortiz revealed that Jean Alain called him at his home in Weston “two months after the shooting and asked him to make a public statement supporting the mistaken identity theory.” There are witnesses to this call, since the former baseball player was accompanied by Davis, Ric Prado, baseball agent Fernan Cuza and Baerlein. “We understood that the attorney general (Jean Alain) was trying to make (the possible involvement of Peralta) because if Peralta fell, a lot of people in the government were going to fall,” Prado told the Boston Globe.

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