David Ortiz will organize an event to celebrate his exaltation to Cooperstown

Former Major League Baseball player, David Ortiz, invited Dominicans, Latin Americans, Americans and his fans to celebrate his induction into the Cooperstown Hall of Fame, in a great celebration to the rhythm of salsa, merengue and urban music called “Cooperstown Dominican Latin Festival”.

The former Major League baseball star offered the details of the great event during a press conference in which he stated that the activity will take place out in Cooperstown, New York, after the conclusion of the ceremony of his exaltation on July 24.

“Since I was chosen to Hall of Fame of Cooperstown for the merits and statistics accumulated during my career in the Major Leagues, on January 25, I dedicated that great honor, first to God, to the Dominican people and to all my Latin American, American and worldwide fans who have supported me always, since that is the greatest honor that a player can achieve in his life”, he stated.

Ortiz stated that after the exaltation ceremony, he has organized the “Cooperstown Dominican Latin Fest”, an activity open to the public, because as a humble man from the town that he is, he wants to celebrate his election with his fans who have always supported him ” and deserves to share this great achievement that is not only mine, but of all Dominicans, Latin Americans, Americans and fans around the world.

“Cooperstown Dominican Latin Fest” will take place at Brewery Ommegang, an outdoor space with capacity for more than 5,000 people located in Cooperstown, New York.

Big Papi expressed that this activity represents a tribute to all the Dominican baseball players who live raising the name of the Dominican Republic, and that with their dedication and dedication they make us feel proud, in addition to serving as an example to young people who fight every day to achieve their dreams; while he announced that the celebration will have a wide artistic billboard with the presentation of Dominican artists such as Fernando Villalona and Sergio Vargas; the salsa singer Yiyo Sarante, as well as the exponent of urban music El Alfa, and the famous musical entertainer DJ Adonis; while to encourage the public, there will be renowned national and international presenters such as Tony Dandrade, Michael Miguel Holguín, Joel López, Francisca Lachapel and Enrique Rojas.

The event will have a two-hour television production, it will be under the production of Ramón Carmona and Miguel Medina; the marketing of Grupo de Medios Panorama, and will be broadcast throughout the Dominican Republic by Telemicro, Channel 5; for the city of New York on Telemicro Internacional, and for the whole world through Prende TV, the new streaming platform of the Univisión network. In addition, it will be broadcast on David Ortiz’s social networks.

Official Tour

For those interested who do not want to miss this historic day for the Dominican Republic, Emely Tour organizes the official tour to Cooperstown, which includes a private flight to the ceremony, VIP participation in the “Cooperstown Dominican Latin Fest” and accompanying Big Papi when returns home as a Hall of Fame immortal to FenWay Park in Boston, as the guest of honor at a Red Sox game.

The tour departs on Thursday, July 21 on an exclusive charter flight for the group with limited space of the Sky Cana airline bound for Syracuse, State of New York, and returns to the Dominican Republic on Wednesday, July 27. Includes airfare, transfers, lodging in Syracuse and Boston, daily hotel breakfast, shopping tour and other amenities. The first 50 people to book will get a ball autographed by Dave Ortiz.

The emblematic player of the Boston Red Sox, in the baseball of the Big leaguesbecame the first Dominican player to enter the Hall of Fame of Cooperstown, in his first year of application with a score of 77.9% of the votesthis being the first time that a Dominican enters in his first appearance, and also joins Juan Marichal, Pedro Martínez and Vladimir Guerrero.

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