Day 9 FMS: Previous of the Blon-Hander

Barcelona will live, next day 28, one of the great classics of FMS Spain. Blon and Hander, two of the members of the already distant first season of the league, will face each other in Barcelona, ​​in what will be the third battle between the two in the format. In their previous clashes, which occurred in the first two seasons, the victories were shared, so this third duel will serve to break the personal score between the two.

However, the two freestylers reach Barcelona fighting for different goals. By blon (6th), is immersed in the fight for the middle zone of the table. His objective is to reach the top 3 of the classification, to which he could still have access, although he would need several failures that lead him in the table. Furthermore, the current National Champion of Battle of the Roosters plays at home this day, a point to take into account. In addition, his classification to the next phase of the international is assured, which will surely give him an extra dose of peace of mind. Nonetheless, blon It is not yet mathematically saved from relegation and also comes from a defeat against Sawi Elekipo on the last day, so he must give 100% on stage to achieve his goals at the end of the season.

In case of Hander (12th) is very different. The Valencian arrives at this ninth day in an extreme situation, in which he has no margin for error if he wants to try to avoid relegation. With only 2 points in his box, Hander They are 5 units behind Tirpa (play-off position), and there are only 9 left at stake, so a defeat in Barcelona could leave them mathematically relegated with two games to play.

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