Day against human papillomavirus at the Rotgar Clinic in Palma

Day against human papillomavirus at the Rotgar Clinic in PalmaQuironsalud

He Gynecology Service of Rotgar Clinic have held a Multidisciplinary day for discussion and analysis of the reality ofhuman papillomavirus (HPV), As explained by the hospital center, the objective is to deepen the knowledge and complexity of the new work guidelines in the field of this type of virus.

During the day, doctor anna martinezThe head of the gynecology service at the Röttger Clinic acknowledged that “Thanks to these sessions, gynecology teams can internalize the operation of the new action guidelines against HPV and approach it from the perspective of multidisciplinary coordination and collaboration . Beneficial for all, especially the patient,

For your part, doctor mario ruiz coleGynecologist specializing in oncological surgery and human papillomavirus at Rotgar Clinic University Hospital those are spacespresented New clinical practice guidelines from AEPCC With initial thoughts: “Knowing everything we know about cervical cancer, although progress has been made, women are still dying from this malignancy, and that means we must do something else or something better.”,

For your part, doctor Francisco AliagaHead of the Molecular Biology Laboratory at the Röttger Clinic and Quironsalud Palmplanas HospitalAssociate professor at UIB and author of doctoral thesis HPV detectionThrough minimally invasive proceduresExplained the different types of cancer that can develop due to the virus, along with the different methods currently available at the Rotgar Clinic to diagnose and monitor patients.

As the Rotger Clinic points out in a press release, in recent years, several studies have demonstrated its effectiveness. HPV test-based screeningWhich allows stratified risk-based screening.

Rotger recalled, the HPV test is more sensitive and has a higher negative predictive value, meaning among all women to whom the test has been appliedTo those who test negative They may be informed that they have The risk of developing precancerous lesions or HPV-related cancer in the next five years is very low, Therefore, experts may focus on women who have hpv positivestratify them into different risk And based on this indicator, you are offered a personalized Proper monitoring and treatment, Furthermore, currently HPV screening is usually combined with cytology to complete the study.,

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