De la Fuente slipped on Garagars, Corona rang… but they are looking for a way to fit Mateu Alemany | Relief

National coach Luis defountain, wants a sports director at RFEF. It is the only stone left in his boot now that his extension has been officially decided, but it is not a minor issue: it is more important than it seems to the day-to-day life of the sport, and masks a change of direction within the Federation. , regarding his leadership positions.

At first glance, it seems that the whole problem will be solved by replacing the dismissed Albert Luque, and that this chosen one will be able to immediately take up his duties before the already starting EuroCup. “A figure like the one Albert played is important. It’s important to have someone take care of other things too. I will take care of the purely sporting aspects, but I will not have to take care of other aspects that have nothing to do with the purely sporting aspects,” De la Fuente himself lamented in an interview with Relevo.

“I think that this figure should appear as soon as possible. I don’t know whether it will be before the Eurocup; there is still a lot of work to do in Germany. There are many things, specific issues that need to be addressed, that arise, and about which we cannot know these details. There must be a mediator between the requirements of the coach and the working group, as well as the various departments…” added Coach Riohana.

Behind these phrases there is a tug of war with the RFEF. It is unclear whether the main floor of the football city of Las Rozas wants to see a figure like Luque or Molina again. De la Fuente played his part by placing a figurine of Espanyol’s current technical secretary on the table, Fran Garagarza, but his proposal was not heard. It doesn’t make much sense for a coach to pick who should be his boss on paper beyond reporting on Garagarza. and the difficult failure situation that Espanyol is experiencing made the operation look like a failure even before it began.

At some point, the name of Valencia’s sporting director came up: Miguel Angel Corona, but it seems to be the Federation’s plan againor rather Pedro Rocha and his entourage, must kill two birds with one stone, one management salary and try to carry out the signing of a contract, which, in addition, is very well (and very persistently) recommended by professional football: Mateu Alemány.

Mateu Alemany is the “expensive” option.

The figure of Alemany has been hovering over RFEF for several months now. As a possible presidential candidate, as a CEO, as a football CEO… The fact is that not only Pedro Rocha, but also Javier Tebas really like his of the main supporters of the Extremaduran in his race for the presidency.

Alemany is much more than just an athletic director. Actually, the athletic part won’t matter much because it requires a level of “immersion in the dirt” that at 61 This is not what you are used to doing.. His managerial, financial and strategic work is another asset that makes him an interesting figure for the Federation, although he still raises some concerns among the territorial presidents. barons who see in him a clear brake on their influence within the house.

Despite this, his signing remains open. Pedro Rocha said in a recent interview that he is going to reduce wages and, in any case, the extension of De la Fuente did not cause any damage to the treasury of the RFEF, which still continues to receive much smaller amounts than when Luis Enrique and his staff the technician was in charge.

The fact is that a week before the European Championship the national team is still left without a sports director, and De la Fuente’s claims have not been satisfied. It seems difficult that an agreement will be reached in the next few hours, but not because they are not trying, but because they have the idea of ​​getting “two for the price of one” with the figure of Mateu Alemany..

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