De Laurentiis and his son Edo present at the celebration for Diego with the Boca fans [FOTO CN24]


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De LaurentiisDe Laurentiis

Fans of Boca and De Laurentiis present in Largo Maradona in the Quartieri Spagnoli to celebrate Diego one year after his death – FOTOCN24

Exactly one year after the death of Diego Armando Maradona. TO Largo Maradona, in the Spanish Quarters of Naples, under the mural for Diego, the president has arrived Aurelio De Laurentiis and his son Edo for the celebration for Maradona, where the Boca Juniors fans were also present.

Maradona celebration in the Spanish Quarters: the words of De Laurentiis

These are the words of De Laurentiis in memory of Maradona:

The myth is myth and is not discussed, like the gods of Olympus. There is no actor who can imitate and identify him, he is the Pibe de Oro and always will remain so. It is really a shame not to have him with us … Sometimes we are considered too strict in the management of our players of the current Napoli, but it is right to do so at this moment. The temptations are many. Maradona still manages to release so much energy, see how many adore it, 300 came from Argentina from Boca. One does not take a plane and does 14 hours in great difficulty between Covid and the economic situation. Applause for these people who are here to worship their idol. The Argentine people can be identified by generosity with the Neapolitan people.

De Laurentiis Spanish Quarters

Comparisons cannot be made with Maradona, there cannot be others. The Maradona Museum at the stadium? We are working to place the stadium at the levels it deserves, it will take some time, let’s give it time. Luck has it that the Mayor contacted me to reassure me that he wanted to get things done as quickly as possible. We invited Infantino, Gravina, De Siervo and many others. The latter have confirmed, Infantino not yet. We invited the great coaches and teammates of Diego’s past. We are waiting for everyone to be there on Sunday.

We will put more Maradona statues in parts of the stadium and also in the changing rooms, where footballers can touch the hand or foot of the great god of football before each match begins.

Football is badly regulated by the institutions. Football is made up of moments “.

De Laurentiis Largo Maradona

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