Dead Island 2: Two New Playable Characters Revealed

After years of absence, the new Dambuster Studios game will land next April on PC and consoles.

As we are just beginning this year 2023, Dead Island 2 has decided to show a little more about the main characters of their adventure.

Dead Island 2: Two New Playable Characters Revealed

In addition to Jacob, the protagonist who will occupy the cover of the game, the developers introduced two other heroes during an interview with our colleagues from Game Informer. In this way, Dani and Ryan had a front row seat to the incidents that led to the mass evacuation. of the city of Los Angeles.

on his side, Dani grew up in Ireland in a very traditional family, despite her strong punk style. As soon as he was able to take flight, he went ahead and headed west to California, where he discovered his passion for roller derby. Honest and forthright, she’s used to telling people exactly what’s on her mind…

Ryan, meanwhile, is a much more relaxed personality, but just as colorful. Unable to find his way after high school, he works odd jobs and sees his relatives regularly complimenting him on his beauty and charisma. In this way, he heads to striptease, hence his fireman’s uniform, and appears to lead a fairly normal life. Unfortunately, the epidemic will push you to want to find the trace of his little brother outside the city…

Like all playable characters in the game, Dani and Ryan will start with two innate abilitiesthat you can then modify, improve and adjust throughout the adventure.

As a reminder, Dead Island 2 will land on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S starting April 28.


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