Deadpool 3, Hugh Jackman wants a cameo in the film with Ryan Reynolds and tells him so (VIDEO)


Ryan Reynolds be warned: find a way to insert a Hugh Jackman cameo in Deadpool 3 or you’ll get a fine at home.

Hugh Jackman he spoke, indeed, he made a New York City Parks Department official speak: give him a cameo in Deadpool 3, and we will all be happier. I got it Ryan Reynolds?

Hugh Jackman out and about in New York is probably already a noteworthy event in itself, but if he then records a video with officers to convince Ryan Reynolds to make him appear in the next Deadpool movie …

In fact, in Jackman’s last Instagram post, a video appears in which Agent Dobkowski wanted to give dispassionate advice to the interpreter of the chatty mercenary, as the caption of the post also states: “Agent Dobkowski is giving you extremely smart professional advice @vancityreynolds. And sharing is a symptom of altruism“.


Hey Ryan, you definitely need to get this guy to appear in your cameo movie. Even if it is a short stuff. That would be really cool, the movie would be a box office hit“we hear the man say.”You can add an ‘Or I’ll get you a fine’ …“then suggests the Wolverine interpreter.”Or I’ll get you a fine next time you come to New York!“then concludes the agent.

Well, Ryan, don’t say you haven’t been warned … Then don’t complain if a hefty fine comes home!


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