Dear gasoline, there are many (legal) tricks to get discounts. Almost no one knows and throws money away.

Every motorist would like to find ways to save the costs of refueling his car, especially in times of crisis like this: but is it possible? Is it legit?

There answer This question is certainly positive, to the extent that, however, we realize that we can talk about savings in small proportions and, that, however, perhaps in the long run period they can have effects.

Positively we mean: and always and in any case in reference to actions and behaviors that, beyond being cunning and farsighted, are nevertheless completely respectful from the laws in force.

We know very well, for example, that there are countless scams that unfortunately real criminals implement to defraud the public. companies Of distribution Of fuels and the bombs.

Both with traditional methods and above all, today, with high-performance systems. coefficient Of technology, Different materials they defraud dealers and literally rob them big amount Of fuel.

Save Gas Legally: Here’s How

It is obvious that we are not talking about all this, but much more. Every citizen who wants, especially in this summer of rising prices, decrease at least theirs consume, could follow indications that in its mere appearance of evidence, in TRUE they hide a truth savings above all future.

First of all, style Of guide It is the first parameter that we must take into account for save. Every acceleration, every excessive sprint, of course, not increase he consume. TO steady gait, without sudden accelerations, instead, it allows the engine to work at normal and not ordinary revolutions. strive, consuming little.


Fuel economy, don’t do this all the time

One of the most traditional advice is that, then, do not abuse the use of conditioner car. More or less everyone has realized that by activating the air conditioning the fuel consumption increases a out of proportion. The reason is precisely because the mechanism of the conditioner forces the engine to try harder, consuming more fuel.

Other advise? That of not staying too long in the reserve or too low limit thresholdsince also in these cases your car will tend to go under load and will tend to higher consumption than regular fuel. In addition, speed it up AND decelerate in bumpy road situations, at traffic lights, sudden braking – these are all factors that they affect he consume. Generally precisely in relation to the residue of fuelOne way to save is precisely to avoid lowering too much, so that the car does not consume He residue, will need, later, consumption greater than.

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