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A new ban shakes the North Korea. This time it’s up to the leather jackets, which only the dictator Kim Jong-Un will be able to wear from now on. This time, however, the reason would have nothing to do with culture, customs and traditions. Only the vanity of the leader would be involved. The problem, in fact, is that there would be too many copies of her trench coat, has now become an indispensable leader. But this concession Kim cannot and does not want to make. For offenders – the alleged case of the imported copy of Squid Game teaches – hard labor or at worst the death penalty.

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The news was reported by Radio Free Asia, cited by Daily Mail. The Trench of Discord was first worn by the leader in 2019. But it quickly became popular, especially among the wealthiest, those who could afford genuine leather. The goal of many, in fact, would have been only that of show your loyalty to the dictator. For some time now, however, Kim has no longer liked counterfeit imitations.

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Hence the drastic decision. In addition to the ban, it was also decided to close the shops that sell them, removing those still in circulation from the people who own them. In fact, Kim’s authoritarian role would be at risk. Production of leather jackets became increasingly intense in the post-pandemic period, as local traders began purchasing cheaper synthetic leather to make the jackets. These then spread first among the wealthiest and then also among ordinary citizens. A new fashion, which the North Korean dictator didn’t like it at all.

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