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The case of the young woman has shaken Mexico, because before her disappearance, Debanhi got off the side of the road late at night after a taxi driver apparently improperly touched her. Her disappearance echoed across the country due to a photograph taken of her by the taxi driver, who was supposed to take her to her house that night.

In an interview with the local media NewscastOrozco pointed out that in the videos it is observed when the young woman arrives alone at the Nueva Castilla motelwalk in the area where there is an abandoned restaurant and later moves inside the building towards the cistern area.

The images described by the official detail that Debanhi walked alone leaning against the fence of the Nueva Castilla motel, which she entered touching the fence until she reached the abandoned restaurant of the same motel. Debanhi continued to guide himself along the fences until he reached the pool and continued to the area where the cistern is, where she was found dead.

Following the revelations, authorities noted that the motel owner is under investigation for falsifying his statements and denying that there were recordings inside the facilities.

Days ago, when the authorities, relatives and friends carried out an intense search to find Debanhi, employees of the Motel told the Nuevo León Prosecutor’s Office that the videos did not record and that they only transmitted in real time.

Orozco said that This Monday the results of the scientific tests carried out on the body will be available to clarify the death of the 18-year-old girl. With the evidence obtained, the deputy prosecutor indicated that no harassment was observed against Debanhi Susana, however, he said that he has not completed the review of all the videos obtained.

Questions in the Debanhi Escobar case

In the case of Debanhi’s death, many questions remain: why the taxi driver who was taking her back home left her on that road and took a photo of her that went viral; what happened next in that motel; Why did it take them 13 days to find her? They found her very close to where that last picture of her was taken and her cell phone was connected for the last time.

During the 13 days that she was missing, family and friends organized themselves in groups to search for the young woman, starting just a few meters from the Nueva Castilla motel, the last place where there was a trace of her alive at five in the morning of the 9th of april.

They demand to clarify the cause of his death

The Undersecretary of Security of the Government of Mexico, Ricardo Mejía, called this Monday for an investigation that leaves “the slightest doubt” about the causes of the death of Debanhi Escobarbecause the Nuevo León Attorney General’s Office has faced criticism from the citizens and the young woman’s family for alleged failures in the investigation.

New videos in the case of Debahni Escobar, the young woman who was last seen on the ‘highway of death’

“It is important that there is not the slightest doubt left in the investigation. all lines of investigation are exhausted, all expert opinionsall the technical actions for the punctual clarification of the facts”, declared Mejía.

Debanhi’s death has caused national outrage due to the image that went viral of her abandoned on the road by a taxi driver who allegedly harassed her, and due to the alleged failures of the Nuevo León Prosecutor’s Office, which first investigated the case as an accident.

The case raises doubts because it is unknown how the young woman got to the motel after leaving the taxi in which she left a partyand the Prosecutor’s Office searched the property days before local employees found the body on their own.

Debanhi’s case has been seen as an example of the double crisis of sexist violence and disappearances in Mexico, where more than 10 women are murdered a day and there are more than 99,000 people who have not been located since 1964, according to government figures.


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