decorative items: Internet mocks Kim Kardashian’s tutorial

Kim Kardashian is launching a line of minimalist bathroom accessories.

Kim Kardashian is launching a line of minimalist bathroom accessories.

Skkn by Kim


bad buzzThe Internet’s Big Bad Laughs at Kim Kardashian’s Sweet Tutorial

The reality TV star is launching a collection of bathroom items that she presents herself. Some Internet users remain puzzled by his performance.


Lauren Cavin-Hostettler

Nothing Stops Kim Kardashian: After lingerieswimwear – including beach gloves – and cosmeticsthe businesswoman is launching her line of decorative objects.

The reality star even made a tutorial that shows how to insert a tissue refill in the box provided for this purpose (see above). The reactions of Internet users were not long in coming, mocking the usefulness of such a video. “I lost neurons watching this video”, “The person who needs this tutorial should go back to school and spend less time on the internet”, “Tutorial of the year!” “I was distraught, I didn’t understand how it worked, thank you” some ironically.

High prices

Available from today, the collection includes five accessories for the bathroom, coated with concrete in the minimalist style dear to the American, who explains to “Architectural Digest”: “I love gray tones, these colors make me Zen. When I decided on the packaging for Skkn by Kim cosmetics and skincare, I wanted them to be granted to my interior. I was therefore inspired by stone and sculptures”.

Despite their apparent simplicity, the objects are not cheap: the trash can costs 129 dollars (126 francs), the box of tissues is at 89 dollars (87 fr. 50), the tray and the toothbrush glass are at 65 dollars each (64 francs) and the round box at 69 dollars (67 fr. 80). “I wanted each piece to be unique. Each piece, made of concrete, has its own texture and stone effect, so no two pieces are the same.”

Under the publication presenting the different objects, we can read: “It’s Zara Home, but with a price tripled”, “Even a prison cell is more welcoming”, “Looks like something I made at the pottery in primary”, “129 dollars? This trash can is not even worth 15”, “Mini style, maximum price”.

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