Defender summons Then to report the sanction to Digesett

The Ombudsman, Pablo Ulloa, granted a period of five days to the director of the National Police, Major General Eduardo Alberto Then, to respond to the investigations against agents of that institution assigned to the General Directorate of Traffic Safety and Land Transport (Digesett) that attacked members of that institution and media representatives.

In a letter, Ulloa maintains that he is interested in learning about the progress of the disciplinary procedure against the members of the Digesett who attacked him, members of that body and the media who accompanied him to an inspection of the Vehicular Retention Center (Grey Track), after reports of irregularities there.

“The National Police has a term of five business days to respond to the matter. Failure to comply with this term entails the consequences set forth in article 27 of Law no. 19-01, which created the Ombudsman and which allows the activity of the Public Administration to be monitored and supervised”, argued Ulloa.

He expressed concern that, 30 days after this reprehensible and embarrassing aggression against the rule of law and institutions, Dominican society is unaware of the measures that the Superior Police Council has taken to sanction, legally and in accordance with due process, the conduct exhibited by members of the Police.

Ulloa said that he urgently requires the director of the National Police a report explaining the corrective measures and precautions taken by the Police in this case.

“This report must contain all the documents in which the sanctioning procedure and the decisions taken to that effect are recorded,” argued the Ombudsman.

He argued that the frustrated inspection by members of the Digesett at the dog track, on April 11, was an investigative diligence following the complaint of citizen Damián Javier Heredia Moreno and the anomalies reported by the National Federation of Motoconchistas ( Fenamotor), on March 17 at the difficulties in the delivery of retained vehicles

Digesett obstructed the defender’s work

He stressed that it cannot be forgotten that the actions of the members of the National Police, assigned to the Digesett, also represent theto obstruction of the power of inspection possessed by this body in accordance with the Constitution of the Republic and Law number 19-01.

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