Del Rio: “in Spain there are 20 licenses for artistic swimmers for 2,000 girls”

Sam Smith’s ‘Unholy’ taking part in on K’s headphones Fernando Díaz del Río (Gran Canaria, 2003), model new world champion in technical singlesAnd in accordance with an interview for EFE, he imagines himself as a spectator having fun with the present within the stands, a present through which he himself is the protagonist and likewise a part of the general public.

think about actions 1000’s of instances, right imaginary errors, Close your eyes. Start ‘Unholy’ once more and hearken to it again and again in an virtually infinite loop.

“It usually goes very well for me,” he remarked in a phone dialog with EFE. diaz del rio, ‘Pher’ to his pals, he’s very methodical. In reality, all inventive swimmers are inventive swimmers once they apply, as they’re uncovered to 6 to eight hour classes a day.Six days per week, and little or no time to disconnect.

“Visualization of situations is important to me, especially the night before practice, when I turn on the music of the routine and close my eyes and imagine I’m a spectator in the stands. I look at how I swim in the test and I think about the improvements I need to make, I think about each movement. All this helps me to always keep my mind calm and ensure that my nervousness doesn’t lead me astray,” he insists.

Of course this psychology scholar, this world champion psychology intern, sits on the sofa as a result of he realized it from Gemma Mengual.One of the coaches who oversees his profession at CAR in Sant Cugat, the place the Canaries reside.

“I had a very good sleep the night before the final because I have a lot of confidence in myself. I have been swimming in this test during all the World Cup events And I’ve shot a lot of it throughout the season”, he commented.

And so when he jumped into the Fukuoka pool, His solely concern was avoiding penalties, which may break his efficiency.: “The last few contests I’ve managed to avoid him and I’ve focused on it, repeating: ‘Fernando keep doing it like that, trust yourself because you’re going to get him out’.”

So this was the matter. The Canaries accepted when the harm to reigning world and European champion Giorgio Minisini was revealed shortly after the beginning of the championships.He thought he would have extra choices.

,He offered himself as a favourite to win and after studying that he was not coming as a result of harmThat made the possibilities of getting a podium a lot simpler”, he commented.

But for this he had to swim as before and he did so: “It’s among the best competitions I’ve swum in. Not due to the outcome, however due to how I discovered myself and the way I carried out within the water.”

Fernando Diaz del Rio has been swimming artistically for eight years. He began swimming on-line on the age of twelve and shared the apply together with his sister. He and his household have at all times supported him on this journey, which has taken him from Gran Canaria to Barcelona and later world wide due to this sport.

So what Spain has solely twenty out of two,000 licenses for inventive swimmers for ladies., Twenty-two world champions, he and Dennis Gonzalez.

“It will serve as a promotion for artistic swimming. The media are important. It is important to point out that there are boys who do artistic swimming.Which is not exclusively female anymore and it definitely helped me a lot to get the context and see relevant characters participating in this discipline,” she said.

As a swimmer he considers himself “reliable” and “fairly realistic”. When it comes to choreographing his routines, he talks about the creative process behind it.

“We all rehearse—Denise, myself, Emma Garcia and Miria Hernandez— Duet routines and singing voices are moderated by Anna Vega – Head Instructor for mixed tests-, but it’s true that we all participate in the creative process and contribute ideas to choreograph the arms and shapes”, he explained.

When he prepares a single, he does it with Gemma Mengual: “I got a lot of help, after all, she is a solo artist, a world star in the history of this sport and she gives me great advice”.

But in the end, emphasize that You have to see whether the decided activity is comfortable for you or not. Participation is maximized as soon as they reach a consensusBecause “you always have to get into the story to believe it”.

Back in time for the gold medal, Canary remembers that the first impression of seeing the number 1 on the results screen was one of surprise.

,There’s always the possibility that even if you feel fine in the poolAs happened with me, the judge sees something that you haven’t noticed and you get punished”, he said.

After the surprise, he says he felt very at peace: “I experienced a great inner peace, I thought that I had done my work, I did it in the best possible way and I felt that I had fulfilled my duty.”

The next step was gratitude. He was overwhelmed by the multitude of messages he received from different parts of the world., From all possible mediums (Instagram, WhatsApp), there were so many messages that you can’t help but think of the numbers. He insisted, “For many people it would be impossible to calculate. Fortunately I am a very detached person from the phone.”

Now that he has achieved his dream, he has not come down from a cloud, simply because he has never gone up., “A few weeks from now I have the Junior European Championships in Madeira and when I get back I will think about the World Cup in Doha next February,” he says.

I do not know, you see being a part of the crew for routine, which the brand new guidelines permit: “I have not began work on that undertaking but. If I dream to hitch the Games, it will likely be for the 2028 Games, hopefully the combined pair will probably be included within the programme.”

While Fernando waits for the subsequent monitor on the playlist, He will lie on the sofa and picture himself within the stand and think about certainly one of his new workout routines.Thinking in regards to the subsequent problem. Will it’s in 2028 or subsequent summer season in Paris?

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