Demi Lovato is honest after the return of Nita Strauss with Alice Cooper: “I’ve been in the studio with him”

Demi Lovato has given details of her next album in an interview with Voguewhere he has also confessed that he has worked with Alice Cooper in the study, something that has revolutionized the networks, since nita strauss He stated that he would rejoin Cooper thus leaving Demi Lovato’s band, with which he had been playing all this time without Alice.

Many have wondered if Lovato has more new music after releasing “Scream”. The singer has said that she is already back in the studio working on the next album. “I was more inspired than ever after my last tour: traveling around the world and performing in front of my fans has made me passionate again, so I’ve been writing a lot lately”and then added: “Just last week I had the honor of being in the studio with Alice Cooper, another rock icon who has inspired my sound.”

Demi Lovato Names Alice Cooper “Rock Icon”

This comment has set off all the alarms about a possible collaboration between Alice and Demieven with the addition of nita strauss to the guitar, a triangle dreamed of by many fans. The artist also talked about his taste for the rock genreso it would not be surprising if there was a theme with artists like Alice Cooper. “My last album and tour leaned heavily towards rock, and my style was a nod to the genre and the ’90s grunge scene,” Lovato says. “The music I’m creating now plays with that because my roots will always be rock; this red carpet look reflects that, while still giving a nod to the movie and the song ‘Still Alive’.”

For the moment, the last news we have had about the union of these artists has been the return of Nita Strauss with Alice Cooper: “From the studio to the stage, It’s always a huge honor to make music with Alice Cooper! I’m very excited to rejoin the band on the road for the 2023 dates, so I’ll see you guys on the April tour. May the nightmare return!”Strauss said in a press release.

Alice Cooper himself also announced Nita’s return: “He asked for a license to work with someone else, something I always encourage my band members to do. I like that they challenge themselves and try new things.” The truth is that when Strauss changed sides, he never denied not returning: “You don’t have to close a door and change the guard, it’s just that I’m taking a step back a little”Strauss told Louder. “Depending on how the calendar looks next yearyou may or may not have a chance to return. But I don’t really see it as definitive for me or for the people in Alice’s band.”

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