Demi Lovato reconsiders her decision not to be ‘California Sober’ anymore

As they prepare to release their new album, Demi Lovato reveals some details about the therapy they underwent last December and the challenges with addiction.

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Returning to her pop-punk roots for her new album, Demi Lovato unveils a song named Skin of My Teeth. This song contains references to therapy, the challenges of living with an addiction, and the desire to feel completely free.

Demi’s battle with addictions goes back a long way. We can think of theoverdose which nearly cost him his life in 2018, or when he revealed in the documentary Dancing With the Devilthat they were California Sober, or consume alcohol and marijuana without touching hard drugs.

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Demi told the American late night show The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon that after weathering another big storm in 2021 and finishing the year in rehab, they “realized that I really wanted to do things for myself and make the best album possible. Something that truly represents who I am…The easiest way to make something as authentic as possible is to make it liberated and sober.”

“Sober sobriety is the only way to be,” they mentioned at the end of 2021. And Demi still sticks to it today.

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