Demi Lovato Says She Feels “Safe” During Sex

Demi Lovato, Who is currently in a relationship with the musician Jute, She opened up and confessed what makes her feel safe in one episode podcast ‘Ladygang’ this Tuesday.

“I feel most confident when I’m having sex.”

Demi Lovato for LadyGang

The singer claimed that those sexy moments make her feel very confident because, “You’re so present that you’re not thinking about how it really is… which clouds your judgment for the rest of the day.” Is, or at least, that’s how it is for me. “It’s not like that for everyone,” he commented in the second part of the episode he shared podcast Of kelty knight, jack vanek And Becca TobinAnd where he made a statement about sex and talked about his new album ‘REVAMPED’.

Demi also admitted this podcast That she was the one who felt nervous when meeting her current boyfriend Zoots and revealed what her experience was like after meeting for the first time to collaborate on Lovato’s ‘Holy FVCK’ album.

The way I met my boyfriend was actually at a session, he’s a musician too, but he also co-writes other people’s music. Then he came to the session and I literally said, ‘Who is this guy?'”

Demi Lovato

The ‘Sorry Not Sorry’ singer also said this in an interview with her howard stern Who is in an incredible relationship with her current partner, musician JuteAnd they’re growing together, so it seems like a healthy relationship.

The relationship between Demi Lovato and Zoots became public in August 2022, and after rumors spread, it was the musician who made it clear that Lovato was his partner in an Instagram post celebrating her 30th birthday.

Demi Lovato has assured that her boyfriend Jutes is her dream come true, and both have shown their immense love for each other on social networks, where they have taken the opportunity to leave tender messages on various occasions, such as the recent In which the musician wished Lovato a happy birthday.

Your heart has changed lives all over the planet… especially that of a man on a farm in Canada who came to your session more than a year ago.”

joots on instagram

Demi Lovato immediately responded in the comments section and she left a nice message about “the best boyfriend in the universe” and the “perfect human being,” where she gushed, “Oh my god, baby! That’s the sweetest description! “You’re my Make life infinitely better and I don’t know what I’d do without you.”

The artist, who is always confident, confessed to People on Monday that the only time she can feel nervous is when, “It’s a show or a performance on television, or my boyfriend is in the audience. ” he adds. , “I get nervous if he’s there.”

Lovato’s latest album, ‘REVAMPED’, was released on September 15.

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