Demi Lovato takes on Morticia Addams’ style and shines

After three years of much suspension of activities worldwide, the world of celebrities has made 2023 the most special in terms of fashion and style, and each of the red carpets and awards season have been full of glitter. , glamor and elegance at its best.

tonight played Demi Lovato, who took the style of Morticia Addams and shines on the red carpet which was staged for the New York City premiere of Scream VI on Monday night. Several celebrities and influencers attended the event, who also stood out with the best of their wardrobe.

For the occasion, the Heart Attack singer, 30, flaunted her stunning physique in a black dress that hugged her figure perfectly and highlighted her tiny waist, as she hit the red carpet for the sixth installment of the Scream film franchise.

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The singer strutted down the red carpet in an avant-garde dress, which featured floor-length sleeves that fanned out at the endwhile the neckline of the dress was cut to reveal part of the singer’s chest, a discreet and charming style.

To complete her look, Demi accessorized her style with simple pieces of silver jewelry, including rings, a choker necklace, and earrings. And she had her hair cut very short, combed back on top of her head, with a little lock falling over her forehead.

When it came to makeup, the ‘Cool for the Summer’ hitmaker was expertly done and featured thick eyeliner, double-winged eyeshadow, and nude lip gloss. While she was on the carpet, Demi was joined by cast members and other collaborators.

Other highlights on the Scream VI red carpet

Other highlights on the Scream VI red carpet were Mike Shinoda from Linkin Park, who co-wrote the song ‘Still Alive’ with the former Disney Channel star, and who posed with her for a photo. For the occasion, she wore a black suit with a red and black checkered collared shirt underneath it.

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Demi also joined the stars of Scream VI Melissa Barrera and Courtney Cox for a quick photo session. Melissa dazzled in a black dress with slits around her chest and sides of her dress, which also highlighted her slender figure and her flat abdomen.

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