Demi Rose is seen dancing in the mud and wearing a tiny bikini

Whenever he appears in public. demi rose Manages to monopolize attention, as he did at one of his favorite events: Burning Man, a celebration Which takes place in Castle Rock, Nevada.

The models participated in this year’s event but everything ended earlier than expected due to rain; That didn’t stop him from having fun and making the most of his days there.

After having a good time, he delighted his followers by posting a video on Instagram in which he is seen wearing Animal Print Micro Bikini Dancing in the mud, showing off her lithe figure.

Additionally, she participated in the Monkey Love Camp (within the festival), where she shared her best performances with the attendees. She wore a purple bodysuit with transparency and completed her look with dark glasses.

In another video she is seen wearing black shoes, a thong, a metallic top and a gold decoration on her head.

Apology to the model

Demi Rose has a lot of fans on Instagram who often follow her travels around the world. She shares photos of stunning views, her lifestyle and of course shiny shape,

A few years ago she caused a stir on social media after posting a video on Instagram recorded in Ibiza, Spain, in which she flaunts her charms while walking down a street on the island wearing a transparent sarong that shows off her beautiful body. A glimpse of the box is visible. ,

“I’m sorry (girls) if your boyfriends are watching,” is the message written along with the video and it caused a stir among her fans when it went viral and it leaves a lot to the boys’ imagination.

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