Denis Dosio, the revelation of the former gieffino: “That’s why I opened it”


Here are the real reasons that prompted the former gieffino to land on OnlyFans

For those who are not yet aware of it, OnlyFans is a virtual platform where users who land on it can share some content upon payment. There are many who decide to land on the platform day after day. Among these, in the last hours too Denis Dosio he has decided to land on the famous website.

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After Lucas Peracchi and Mariano Catanzaro, Denis Dosio has also decided to land on the virtual platform OnlyFans. The former gieffino did not take long to explain the royals via social media reasons which prompted him to land on the site.

These were the words of the young man about his subscription on OnlyFans:

The delirium is happening! But why did I open it? Well, let’s assume that in Italy we are 20 years behind. That was why I hadn’t opened it yet. I was afraid of criticism, of people’s judgment… There, real fans are allowed to enter and that’s why I opened it.

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And, continuing with his explanation, Denis Dosio added:

I’ve always cared about people’s judgment, I’ve cut my teeth. I want to meet my true fans, I want to have a contact, I want to text, make friends and I want to show my most rebellious parts because that platform allows me to. I am a twenty year old and I want to be transgressive. I want to create a union with you who are my true fans.

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Denis Dosio lands on OnlyFans: all the VIPs landed on the platform

It must be said that Denis Dosio is not the only known face to have landed in platform. These days too Nicole Minetti she made it known that she signed up on the website, as did Lucas Peracchi and Mariano Catanzaro.

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Despite having received a lot of criticism from some users, the former gieffino is determined to share some on the platform contents that on normal social networks could not publish.

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