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Denise Rosenthal You usually upload different types of videos to your account TikTok, in which he dazzles and also makes his nearly two million followers laugh.

Although on this occasion, the Chilean singer went for the first option after taking all eyes in a recent record of her profile. All after a presentation at the Alto Las Condes Viewpoint, during the past Thursday January 26.

The new viral video of Denise Rosenthal that garnered dozens of compliments

A pair of hearts and ribbons emoji rose were the only thing that used the voice of «Safe Water» to accompany your record uploaded on TikTok. The same one that added more than 260 thousand views on the platform and more than 29 thousand likes, in addition to more than 200 comments characterized by the dozens of good reactions from netizens.

“beautiful ♥️”; «We are waiting for you in Los Vilos»; “ariana grande hehe”; «It is that all the trends fit him, it cannot be 😳 GODDESS DENISSE I LOVE HER 🥰»; «It is that you are definitely from another planet!!! WONDERFUL ❤️ »; «You are the most beautiful and talentedlove You 😍”, are just some of the messages with good vibes that Denise Rosenthal received on her account.

The singer’s summer tour

just like you did Princess Alba A few days ago, it also happened now with Denise Rosenthal. Well, the interpreter of “Dance it Woman” began his tour this Thursday, January 26 at the event sunset lookout from Mall Alto Las Condes.

To the above, he also added dates in The half Moon of San Fernando for this January 27, Osorno Festival for this January 28 and the Cinnamon Festival in Coquimbo for January 29.

While, as reported FMDOS, the presentations continue on February 9 at the La Jungla de Peñuelas Festival, on February 17 at the Sporting Club of Vina del Mar, and would close (for now) at eThe Los Vilos Festival one day later.

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