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Dennis Gonzalez won the silver medal at the World Championships in Doha in the solo free skate, where Italian Giorgio Minisini dominated and Colombian Gustavo Sanchez finished on the podium. The big favorite for the final victory, China’s Shuncheng Yang, dropped to fourth place due to a miss in one of the pieces. The medal won by the Barcelonan, who defended his world title, was the fifth won by the Spanish delegation.

Maria de Valdez won silver in the open water (10 km) and the technical artistic swimming team also finished second in the world and won silver. Spain won bronze medals in synchronized diving from the 3-meter springboard (Abadia-Garcia Boissier) and in the technical duet of artistic swimming with Alisa Ozhogina and Iris Tio. For free exercises in which Dennis Gonzalez feels very comfortable, the Catalan chose I feel like I’m drowningslow track by Two Feet.

The Italian Minisini, who did not show a good level in the preliminary selection, took gold with a score of 210.1355, but everything pointed to the victory of the Asian, who had already won the technical exercise solvently. However, Italian Dennis Gonzalez and Colombian Sanchez took advantage of the mistake. The Spaniard was second with 196.2750 and the Colombian third with 192.0812 versus 176.3647 for the Asian.

“When I saw that I was third, I thought: thank God, because I fought for this. But I saw the Chinese swimmer’s penalty and that he was fourth, and nothing, I moved up to second place,” said the Catalan. Dennis Gonzalez, who dedicated the medal to his mother, his coaches and the work he himself has done in recent months, stressed that it was a “very tough” fight.

“I’ve reached my limit, full, I had no luck with other choreographies, but I wanted to give it my best shot and put an end to it; For some reason, I don’t believe it,” he said. “When I saw on the scoreboard that I was second, I was crazy with joy. I wasn’t expecting silver, I was thinking about bronze, because the Chinese swimmer never let him down, but he was unlucky, as were we as a duo. I am honored to have this money. It was amazing. “It was impressive,” he insisted. The Spaniard admitted that he went swimming “to die to go for it.” Dennis Gonzalez raised toast to the artistic swim team’s victory, because with this victory they show that “anything is possible.”

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