Denzel Washington to Christopher Nolan: “Call me!”

Denzel Washington, Macbeth

His latest test in Macbeth by Joel Coen has been so much praised that Denzel Washington he decided to take courage and address a appeal without any hesitation to one of the most important directors in business, because you call him to work with him. We talk about Christopher Nolan, to which the New York actor addressed these words:

Call me Chris, Chris, call me… I’d like to work with Christopher Nolan, are you kidding me?

Nine times nominated to the Oscar Prize, and winner on two occasions (in 1990 for Best Supporting Actor for Glory – Men of glory and in 2002 for Best Actor for Training Day), Washington took advantage of the opportunity that came during ainterview with Kevin McCarthy for FOX. Talking about Tenet, Nolan’s latest film, in which his son John David Washington starred, Denzel thus answered the question of whether he would ever think of working with Nolan in the future.

This will hardly happen in the next Oppenheimer, already quite advanced and in which probably the options at the level of roles would not be such as to do honor to such an actor. But given the variety of registers that Washington has touched over the years, its versatility and its capabilities, there is no doubt that his appeal could be heard, to the delight of those concerned and all their fans.

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