Deodorant Ball | Don’t throw away your roll-on deodorant ball: This is how you can reuse it

Deodorants and antiperspirants They are products that many people use as part of their daily hygiene, They are personal care items that are used prevent body odor,

Sweating is a natural process of the body that helps regulate temperature and eliminate toxins. However, one also sweats can cause foul smell, Deodorants contain ingredients that help reduce body odor and keep us fresh and clean throughout the day.

Additionally, deodorant can also prevent bacterial infectionsSince accumulation of sweat and bacteria in the armpits can lead to skin infections like eczema and dermatitis. Deodorant helps keep armpits clean and free of bacteria, which can prevent these infections from occurring.

types of deodorant

there are many types of deodorant: In stick – It is applied directly to the armpits and provides a dry and refreshing feeling – In spray – It is applied by spraying the product directly into the armpits – In cream – It does not contain alcohol, it is applied directly with fingers And skin. It’s absorbed quickly — and in roll-on, which is applied using a metal ball that distributes the product into the armpits.

That little ball spins and picks up small amount of foul smelling liquid, which comes off when applied to the skin. The way the ball distributes the product ensures uniform application and helps prevent residue build-up on one area of ​​the skin. Additionally, the ball helps avoid product wastage, as it releases a controlled amount of deodorized liquid with each application.


However, once the product is finished, it usually discard and throw awayIn the yellow container (the plastic one).

reuse containers

But you can give that ball, and the entire container in general, a second useful life when it runs out. can be used as gel dispenser with massager If you add a little water so that the gel is not too sticky spread liquid soap And don’t waste it.

In both cases, it is necessary to first remove the ball with the help of a punch or a screwdriver and be careful not to hurt yourself and later, once the bottle is filled with the corresponding liquid (be it cream, gel or liquid). soap), replace it. small balls.

Since it is a small container, it is possible to carry the container in your bag.

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