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The host Colombia entered through the window to the final phase of the South American Sub-20to which Brazil and Paraguay were already classified, to the detriment of Argentina, surprisingly eliminated from the tournament.

Without the stars Gustavo Puerta, suspended for this duel, and Daniel Luna, injured before the end of the first half, Colombia obtained a 1-0 victory against an Argentina as lackluster as in the rest of the tournament.

Those led by Hector Cardenas they advanced to the final hexagonal in Bogotá, after having obtained eight points in four games. The winger Juan David Fuentes scored the only goal. The ineffectiveness in attack continues to be the Achilles heel of the coffee growers.

In Argentina, the reactions began with many criticisms of the process of the former player Javier Mascherano.

The Sports Pablo Escobar’

Colombia sub-20 team.

One of the critics was the journalist Paul Carroza, who vented against the Gaucha Selection, but also underestimated the work done by the tricolor, with the unfortunate comparison and allusion to Pablo Escobar.

“They are boys to send shit on the field. Argentina loses three games out of four. The problem is not being left out, but the way, not having rebellion and game identity, not knowing what we were going to play. Argentina never found the team, because Mascherano did not give the kids confidence”, the journalist began.

He added: “We lost to Paraguay, we didn’t lose against France, Germany and Belgium. No, with Paraguay and Colombia, the team that beats us today is one from the fourth division, with respect to the Colombian people, who play at Deportivo Pablo Escobar in Cali, or from Barranquilla or Medellín, but it is a little team. It’s not that they’re in the Juventus, Milan, Ajax or Real Madrid. No, it’s a half-baked team, win with the shirt. It is the first Colombian National Team in history that wins by putting in, because Colombians put in and wrinkle”.

Hours later, already cold, the journalist apologized for his comments.

“On my YouTube channel I usually do hot reactions to soccer matches. Last night after Argentina’s elimination, I referred to the Colombian team with a figure that was not right. I apologize to the Colombian people and to whom I may have offended.” , wrote.


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