Deportivo Pasto left Arequipa on a Colombian Air Force plane, after the closure of the Alfredo Rodríguez Ballón International Airport | Melgar | BetPlay League | COLOMBIA

As a result of the social mobilizations in Arequipa, the Alfredo Rodríguez Ballón International Airport decided to paralyze commercial flights, something that ended up affecting sports grass. And it is that the Colombian cast was present in the ‘Tarde Rojinegra’ before melgar on January 15 and, since then, he could not leave Arequipa soil in the face of this problem. For this reason, the ‘Tricolor’ opted to ask the Colombian Government for help, with the aim of returning to their country on a charter flight, which was sent by the Colombian Armed Forces.

It was the entire campus who requested help from the Colombian authorities and from the president of his country, Gustavo Petro, who requested a permit for a Colombian Air Force plane to land in the “White City” to transfer back to the sports club , who had been in Peru for almost seven days.

“On behalf of the team, I want to thank the Colombian Air Force, which has returned us here to our homeland, we want to thank them because we are back with our families, we are back to work and we are back in our country.”, mentioned the coach José Flabio Torres minutes after returning to his country.

In the same way, the Colombian Air Force pronounced itself through a statement, where it confirmed thatthe C-40 aircraft departed on January 25 at 02:13 pm from CATAM and returned with the sports team on board, landing at 11:36 pm at the Bonilla Aragón International Airport that serves the city of Cali , Cauca’s Valley”.

It is necessary to mention that Deportivo Pasto arrived in Cali on the night of last Wednesday. Likewise, it is expected that in the next few hours the delegation will return to its headquarters in Pasto, with the aim of resuming its work prior to its debut in the BetPlay 2023 League.

Deportivo Pasto gets ready for its debut

Due to the problems he experienced in Peru, Deportivo Pasto was forced to suspend the match against Alianza Petrolera for the second date of the 2023 Apertura Tournament, which was scheduled to be played this weekend.

Given this, the ‘Volcánico’ cast will prepare from this Friday for what will be their debut in the Colombian championship. His rival will be none other than América de Cali, with whom he will face off next Saturday, February 4, as part of the third day of the BetPlay 2023 League.

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