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over 50 psychologists The people available at the Youth Secretariat (SEJUVE) will intensify their activity during the month of December This is when most support calls are received The majority of cases are due to cases of anxiety or depression, said Virginia Hernandez Vazquez, head of the state government agency.

He said that a solution to this situation has to be found Will operate 24 hours a day, seven days a weekWhich includes 24, 25 and 31 December as well as 1 January 2024.

“From the Youth Secretariat we know that cases of anxiety and depression among young people sometimes increase during the Christmas season. That is why we decided that the brigade members will stay till January.He indicated.

The official said that the job of this staff is to maintain the same approach with the youth in schools most of the time, and although space timeThey will be able to wait until their conclusion is reached.

“There will be open line 442-466-75-65 Supporting our youth at all times in these moments that may be complicated for them”Virginia Hernandez Vazquez argued.

He said that the agency he directs will have Call to participate in various cultural and artistic activitiesWhere young people can spend their time doing other things and distract themselves from the unpleasant moments that these dates can cause.

He clarified that at the moment he does not have the exact percentage of calls and attention given The impact of the pandemic was still lingering, at least last year.

“We are going to see this year how this situation presents itself, which changes a lot because of the situation that young people are experiencing, because it can also be because of the presentation of their examinations, because it makes them There is stress and anxiety”Hernandez Vazquez is mentioned.

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He announced that this service is not only for the youth but Anyone who asks for support will be heard By psychologists.

Regarding the attention applied to companies, he commented that for the time being this support has been stopped, because they are at the end of the year, but that Considering providing services to other companies By the experts present with the Youth Secretariat.

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