Depression, older adults most affected

Older people are one of the groups most affected by depression.

In Mexico, data shows that the rate of depression among adults aged 60 to 64 is 145.2; Whereas in people above 65 years of age, it is 129.9 cases per 100 thousand.

The main associations between depression and older adults mainly point to effects on oxidative stress, psychological stress, reduction in neuroplasticity, in addition to obvious declines in social functioning.

The main characteristics of depression include sadness, apathy, fatigue, decreased self-esteem and concentration, sleep or appetite disturbances, as well as cognitive impairment in willpower and willingness to carry out daily activities.

Derived from the above, there is suffering and impairment in daily, work and family activities.

Mental health experts suggest family support as well as the implementation of recreational activities and comprehensive treatment that includes clinical, psychological and social care.

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