Derbez says that Televisa vetoed it and received an epic response

The president of Televisa silenced Derbez with an epic response and incidentally exposed the real reason why the comedian “is angry” with the Mexican television station.

It seems that the fame that Eugenio Derbez is reaching in the city of Hollywood has not arrived alone. Well lately he has been involved in somewhat controversial and controversial situations.

One of the most notorious in the media lawsuit against the president of Mexico for the construction of the Mayan Train. And recently the fight he has with Televisa, the Mexican network where he stood out and established himself as a comedian in his country and Latin America.

In a recent interview Eugenio denounced that Televisa has vetoed him. According to the creator of the “Lonje Moco” it is all because he supports the ‘Selvame del tren’ campaign, whose objective is to make the Mexican government aware of the environmental damage caused by the construction of the Mayan Train.

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“Suddenly (the reporters) tell me that they are prohibited from interviewing me. No personality told me, but the people below, that there was a rumor going around and they canceled my interviews. I sent a message (to the company). They wanted to gild me the pill and I said ‘no, better not’…. I no longer work for Televisa México, I work for Univisión, for VIX. They have not given me the exact reason, but I want to understand that it is because of the Mayan Train,” Derbez argued in the Radio Formula program.

As a result of his statements, it was the president of Televisa Emilio Azcárraga who saw fit to offer a reply. One that for many left the Mexican comedian silent because it was so epic that he used the expressions of the characters created by Eugenio to respond to him.

“Neta @EugenioDerbez, before saying that you’re banned, ask me, caon. Otherwise I’m going to think that you’re not a normal guy. Listen, no, listen to me, no. What you said about an alleged Televisa veto was horrible,” he wrote Azcárraga through his Twitter account before showing a recent interview of the actor with the chain and the coverage of the Mayan Train.

He also added “… I send you everything, everything that I have left over. You and I know that the real reason is that you are angry because you want us to give you our rights from La Familia Peluche. I already coootale my guy,” Emilio emphasized, taking advantage of the opportunity to expose the real reason for the comedian’s anger.

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In an attempt to defend himself, Eugenio released a comment full of sarcasm. “Neta @eazcarraga before saying that I’m not banned, better you “ask” me, caon. Besides, you have my number, why answer me publicly? “You already exhibited us!!!!” Why aren’t you a normal manager?

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To soften his sharp reaction Eugenio continued “I know that you love me very much (and I love you even more), and I know that you would be incapable of doing that to me, so it is clear to me that it was not you. But then tell them there in your company “somebody explain to you!”, he wrote. “For what reason after March 30, two interviews were canceled and there is not a single note on Televisa where they talk about me, or the Oscar, or my new movie?.

“If I’m not banned, ask Televisa Espectáculos to show with their notes that THEY CAME to cover the premiere of my movie The Valet, which is now available on Star+, don’t miss it!… Hear me not! Better Paty Chapoy received me on her program! “, Finished Derbez.

Regarding the issue of the “Family P. Luche” Eugenio argued that “Oh, and about the rights of the Peluche Family, tell them not to be like that, “have someone explain to you” that point too. I know it will sound familiar to you “Horrible, horrible”, but I am the owner of the characters and the concept, Televisa only the name. Sorry, friend!

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