Descemer Bueno regrets having talked about politics

the cuban musician Descemer Good He was very nostalgic for his mother in a Facebook post in which he regretted having failed her the day he, ignoring her advice, decided to talk about politics, something he took the opportunity to define as “shit you should never get into”.

“You don’t know how much I want to see you, to hug you and kiss you, but I failed you the day I broke the silence”wrote the singer on the aforementioned social network this Wednesday along with a photo of his elderly mother in a wheelchair.

“In reality they tricked me, it was a trap, I should never have listened to the barking of the dogs or the envious. You were right about everything, politics is shit you should never get involved in.”concluded the interpreter of “Patria y Vida”, who did not offer further details about his statements.

(Source: Capture of Facebook / Descemer Bueno)

Immediately, dozens of followers reacted to his publication, although in a very uneven way; some dedicated words of support to him while others urged him not to regret his commitment to Cuba’s freedom now, even if the price is not visiting the island.

Descemer has not been able to visit her mother Mercedes, who suffers from Alzheimer’s, for more than two years.

Before the musician openly antagonized the Cuban regime, frequently traveled to the islandwhere in addition to visiting his family performed concerts and presentations in different places From the capital.

However, after several years in which he was accused of ideological indefinitenessin July 2020 Descemer manifested a radical change of position and called the Cuban government “criminals and racists”.

“Remove me from the radio, from television, I do keep saying down with the blockade, but down with the Cuban government, down with all the racists of the Cuban government, down with them, you are the ones who have stolen the most in life , a group of criminals, all racist shit,” said Descemer Bueno during a live broadcast on his social networks.

Since thenthe musician maintained a strong and systematic confrontation with the regime, which had consequences for him on a personal level.

In November 2020, he attacked Castro officials who They evicted a farm that they had bought in Alquízar in 2010.

In February 2021 his participation in “Homeland and Life”which became the quintessential anti-Castro anthem, ended up erasing any vestige of possible reconciliation with the regime, which intensified the attacks against him.

In March of last year nostalgically recalled one of his massive concerts on the steps of the University of Havana, but he remained firm in stating that he would sing again to his audience on the island when freedom is no longer a dream.

Nevertheless, homesickness and sadness at being away from his mother It has been constant in the last two years. “Above all things I am #ElHijoDeMercedes and there is nothing in the world that makes me more proud,” she wrote in May alongside a beautiful photo with her mother to celebrate Mother’s Day 2021.

That same month the popular Cuban singer-songwriter he asked for help from “international organizations” to get his family out of Cuba.

“I do not need financial help but I ask all international organizations for help so that they allow me to get my whole family out of a Cuba that does not allow us to enter, that does not allow us to help our family,” the musician wrote. “Cuba belongs to all Cubans,” he said.

In an interview with CyberCuba Last year, Descemer Bueno referred to what it meant for him to break with the possibility of returning to the island and the emotional implication of that decision, although at that time he showed no signs of regret.

“One decides to take steps sometimes in life. She got lost, although physically she is there and receives the affection of the people who take care of her, of the other part of my family that is in Cuba. But unfortunately, if you ask me If today I would regret having done this just to continue participating in this beautiful family relationship that we have had all these years, I think that today I would not do it at all. I would regret nothing. I am determined to know that I will never return if that dictatorship continues.” he said then.

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