Desperate search for debt: What is Justice’s main hypothesis about what happened to the 5-year-old boy

Hours go by and nothing happens Loan Danilo Pena5-year-old boy who has been desperately searching since last Thursday Algarrobal Rural Area from the town of 9 de Julio, in the province of Currents. A reward of $5 million is offered to anyone who provides information on the whereabouts of a child who appears in the system sofia alertFor the person who wants it Interpol And it has to be done Three suspects arrestedAccused of abandonment of the person. precisely, for researchers Little lost,

The prosecutor in the case made it clear this afternoon, Juan Carlos Castillo. “He went to drink oranges with other cousins ​​and elders. The boy moved ahead and took another direction from there. the little boy was lost”, Explained part of what they were able to reconstruct with the Gesell camera to the other three minors who were with Lone at the time of his disappearance.

“I have three people charged with abandonment. We do not rule out any hypothesis, but, in principle, we work on the basis that it was lost“, expanded the conversation with the prosecutor Tamil NaduThose taken into preventive custody include an uncle and a couple who are friends of the boy’s parents.

And the officer continued with the information he has managed to reconstruct about what happened that Thursday. “The boy said: “I am going with my father”. When that happens, the adults get further behind. The other kids said that Lone went ahead and they played like a race,” he described. So they started to avoid him.

Interpol issued an alert for Lone, the military is searching for him and they have also placed a bounty of $5 million

Castillo revealed that this was the first time that the loan had been applied: “I didn’t know those areas”. He also told in which fields he was lost “This is a dirty area”. And he added: “It is a very difficult place, with a lot of vegetation and no access for vehicles. From drones and paragliders, which we thank for their help, you can’t see what is in the mountains. You can only get there by walking, taking the knife, and opening the path., there are hard-to-reach places,

And he confirmed not only that “footprints” had been found, but also that the mother, like the other boys who had been with Lon, had testified in the Geisel Chamber.he recognized the shoe “He was found in the mud, as if he had been sucked in when this happened.”

Furthermore, he explained:The search is extended. There are no limits here, everything is included here.” In fact, they reached the area soldiers of the Troops of the 12th Engineer Battalion of Goya contributed by the government which is added to the 600 soldiers who were already working there in collaboration with Drones, a helicopter, two planes and a paragliderIn addition to the following Search dogs.

The government sent the army for support

In this context, the Ministry of National Security made an offer reward of $5 million pesos and Interpol issued a yellow alert.

What clues do they have? So far, researchers have found loot The baby was discovered last Saturday while this Sunday they found more babies foot prints, feces And vomitWhich will be analyzed to see if they are from debt.

“The child was with my brother-in-law and some friends I don’t know. They came to my mother’s house to have lunch. It was the first time Loan came to his grandmother. That Thursday I caught him on a horse and left him with them because they were going to my mother’s,” the boy’s father Jose told The Talk Tamil Nadu,

And he said of the adults now in custody: “I have had no dealings with them because I don’t know them. I visit my mother every 15 days or once a month. When he reached home Lon was not there. They were all there but not Lone. My brother-in-law there spoke to my sister on the phone to ask if she had returned but no. She had not.”

Loan has a scar on his head and is blind in his eyes

“I don’t understand why they went looking for oranges on someone else’s property, if I have oranges, tangerines in my house… it’s weird. You have to ask permission for that. And they have to ask my permission to take the creature there.. he complained, “How are they going to take the creature away?”

Lone’s mother, Maria Noguera, spoke to local radio FM San Roque and said: “I asked the police to look for him on July 9. I think they took it and it’s there,

Lone’s older brother, Mariano, arrived this Monday morning at the search center where police forces are conducting searches to find out the boy’s whereabouts. He had previously expressed his dismay regarding the arrest of Lone’s uncle Antonio C5N “We have had no conversation with them”. As for the couple, he commented: “I know them by sight, we are not family or friends, we have never had a relationship or anything like that.”

Sofia alert about loan

“It’s all strange. Maybe they wanted to go looking for oranges and then you have to ask yourself the question why, how and at what moment (the loan disappeared),” he slipped. And he said his brother “He is a lively boy, very energetic, talkative and loud”,

“There are so many things that don’t match up, that don’t click. You have to double-check and double-check until everything matches up. What makes it all the more strange is that he got lost and didn’t answer the call..we are looking for why, how… but we have to investigate and investigate,” he concluded.

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