Despite the criticism, Disney goes ahead with the casting of these Snow White characters

In 2019, Disney announced that he was working on a new live-action adaptation of Snow White. As it has been doing for several years, the company is committed to bringing all its animated hits to life. with a movie of The little Mermaid in full production and adaptation of Pinocchio of Robert Zemeckis that will come to Disney+ in September, a new film from Hercules.

In June 2021 it had been confirmed that Rachel Zeglerwho rose to fame with the new version of West Side Story, would be in charge of putting herself in the shoes of the protagonist princess. This decision generated some anger in the fans who questioned the lack of similarity between the actress and the animated character, especially because of her skin color. Shortly thereafter, it was announced that Gal Gadot He had joined to give life to the Evil Queen, the main antagonist of the story. Furthermore, it was confirmed that Andrew Burnap He joined the cast in a still unknown role.

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