Destiny creators and Sony working together on new unannounced games, Destiny 2 creative director confirms

The great repercussion that accompanied Microsoft’s purchase of Activision Blizzard may have left this operation in the background of the media, but it is no less. A year ago Sony announced the purchase of Bungie (creators of Halo and Destiny) for 3.6 billion dollars.

Of course, it is an acquisition with certain nuances. Perhaps the most prominent is that Bungie will continue to operate independently, and, in principle, launching cross-platform games.

After four years of content, Destiny 2 does not seem to end. It is clear that there will be a third installment one day, but for now it seems that Bungie will opt for new IPs for the future.


Destiny 2 – Bungie 30th Anniversary Trailer

For example, we recently found out that Bungie’s new game (which won’t be Destiny 3) will use the Tiger engine, according to a job posting. And everything points to Sony is behind the matter.

Be careful, because there is more. Bungie is charting its new release path, not forgetting about Destiny 2, but setting its sights on new games as a service for Sony or NetEase (one of the big Chinese companies).

Bungie’s new games

Destiny is currently Bungie’s main IP, but we must not forget that they are the authors of the first Halo (until Halo: Reach), considered the best in the Xbox franchise.

It is practically confirmed that Bungie is working on new gameswhich will very possibly opt again for the multiplayer format that has worked so well in Destiny and its sequel Destiny 2.

Bungie’s creative director, Tom Farnsworth, has uncovered Pandora’s box with a few tweets. For starters, she has unveiled a Destiny 2 shield with different emblems.

Beyond one that his children play with, Farnsworth says that each of these emblems symbolizes a release related to the Destiny saga. A curious and beautiful detail for fans of the franchise.

Right after, he confirmed that Bungie is working on new unannounced projects, and Sony has a prominent role in them. It is logical, since the purchase was already consolidated a long time ago.

And with the support of Sony, we’re also working on a number of unannounced projects. Come join us!” says Tom Farnsworth on his personal Twitter account.

Destiny 2 Lightfall

What projects is Bungie’s creative director talking about? For now we know that Sony is preparing up to 10 games as a service for PS5 (one is Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us multiplayer), but there is much more to tell.

In total there are three rumored projects within Bungie. The first is the marathon reboota first-person shooter saga that became popular in the 90s, as Mac exclusives.

On the other hand is Matter, a project as a service that is being funded by NetEasea Chinese company that has signed famous people such as Toshihiro Nagoshi, creator of Yakuza and former Sega.

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Finally, various job offers state that Bungie prepares a new competitive IP that is located within the Destiny universe. Apparently Sony would also be behind this project.

Bungie’s latest game is destiny 2one of the best multiplayer shooters that you can try on PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One. There is a F2P version (free) on Steam and the Epic Store, and remember that the Lightfall expansion arrives on February 28 for Destiny 2.

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