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If you run into one of your favorite artists on the street, What would you tell them to ask for a photo? Although it may sound strange to you, Neither Lola Indigo, nor Calvin Harris, nor Miley Cyrus —among many others—that’s what it’s called in real life. So, to avoid awkward situations, here we leave you a list with the original names of the great artists who topped our list.

Bad Bunny – Benito Antonio Martinez Ocasio

MIAMI, FL – AUGUST 11: Bad Bunny attends the grand opening ceremony of Gecko Miami restaurant on August 11, 2022 in Miami, Florida. (Photo by Alberto E. Tamargo/SIPA USA) *** Local Captions *** 40856444


Have you ever wondered why a reggaeton player would use this name ‘Bad Rabbit’, We do and that’s why we now know where this nickname came from. In interviews he has given, Bad Bunny has admitted that A picture from when he was a kid shows -When I was about six years old-, in which appears in a rabbit costume, He had zero enthusiasm to take said photo, so you see the artist”Anger” in the image. This expression and his little desire to become someone famous – and for wear a rabbit mask so as not to be recognized, For example, like Marshmello – he inspired the creation of this name for an unusual stage name.

Bad Gyal – Alba Farello i Sole

Bad Gyal attends the 8th Annual Latin American Music Awards at MGM Grand Garden Arena on Thursday, April 20, 2023 in Las Vegas. The annual event honors outstanding achievements of artists in the Latin music industry. Photo by James Atoa/UPI

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Another stage name with which the word ‘bad’ comes from in English is bad gyal, or alba farelloas it is actually called. pioneer of dancehall in spain selected this surname that comes from caribbean slangwhich translates as ‘dirty girl’, The roots of the name are sentimental to the artist, who has always been a fan of Jamaican rhythms and who tries to embody the rapper ‘dancehall’ musical style that represents him so much.

Bizarre – Gonzalo Julian Conde

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The reasons why Argentina chose this nickname are unknown, although we imagine it will continue. puzzleLike his appearance. Despite hiding behind glasses and a hat that made him almost unrecognizable, few images have emerged of the presence of the producer, who broke a huge number of records with great songs like his sessions with Quevedo – the legendary ‘Stay’ – and Are. Which he has with Shakira.

Calvin Harris – Adam Richard Wiles

Calvin Harris attends the Brit Awards 2019 at the O2 Arena in London.

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If you are lucky enough to meet this piece of DJ, we have to warn you that his name is not what you think and in fact, hate being called kelvin, The reason is also a mystery to his fans as to why the Scotsman agreed to keep that nickname. you must have heard There are different rumors about the origin of this name., and that’s because Adam Wiles has given several versions, quite different. Is it because of the shame and hence it is hidden?

C. Tangana – Anton Alvarez Alfaro

Anton Alvarez Alfaro, better known by his stage name C. Tangana, performs at the Visink Center.

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There are occasions when there is no reason for these names to explain why they were chosen. This happened with the referent of Spanish rap, C. Tangana, who chose the ‘c’ because he used to call it ‘creme’, and later added the colloquial word ‘tangana’, meaning fight or confrontation. Anton explained this in an interview, where he remarked that fans would have to listen to one of their albums to understand the origin of the name: “The C comes in because I was called Crema and to understand Tangana you have to listen to that album – ‘Agorazin-. It was more or less a way of saying the struggle. For pure aesthetics I chose that word, and it ended up being It turned out great because it was expressed on that record, which was the first one in which I used that word.

Feed – Salomon Vilada Hoyos

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The Colombian, which does not stop playing on the music charts and which is starting to gain global recognition, is called fade because it refers to the pronunciation of the Anglo-Saxon word.Faith,Faith in Spanish-. In addition to this name, Solomon is also called Ferxxo, a nickname that began when his producer called him to distinguish him from his stage name, as no one knew his identity as Solomon. When fans heard this other way of calling it, this nickname went viral And has acquired the same importance as the name of the singer.

Lola Indigo – Miriam Doblas Munoz

Lola Indigo during the event “Mujeres a Tudo Volmen” in Madrid, Tuesday, June 6, 2023

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Malaguena has explained on several occasions why artistically she is called Lola and not Mimi, as she was previously called. After her exit from Operación Triunfo – the program in which we first saw her – the singer decided to give herself the stage name she had always wanted. and what he did, he chose lola because for him it represents a strong womanAnd Indigo because it means empathy and spirituality, Despite this, Mimi has also emphasized that it is not just a stage name: “Lola Indigo is a label that incorporates the concept of dance that serves to differentiate the television character, or person, ie Mimi, and my music”.,

Maluma – Juan Luis Londoño Arias

MIAMI, FL_MARCH 9: Maluma is seen during the world premiere of Maluma’s music video “La Reina” at Despierta America on March 9, 2023 in Miami, Florida.

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The meaning of Maluma is a very good background, with which the Colombian thanks his family for everything. first syllable majorityHis mother’s name comes from: Marley, Second -Lu-of his own name: louisand the third – mother, from her sister manuelaThis is how Maluma was created, combining the first three letters of the names of the two people he loved most.

Miley Cyrus – Destiny Hope Cyrus

Miley Cyrus during the filming of The Graham Norton Show at BBC Studioworks 6 Television Centre, Wood Lane, London, to be broadcast on BBC One on Friday evening. Press Association. Picture date: Thursday December 6, 2018. Photo credit should read: PA Images by So TV

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Miley, as we all know her, put Surname Ever since she was very young her parents used it when referring to her. the reason? compared to american smiled constantly And she always looked happy, so they called hersmiley,Smiling It was translated into Spanish and later abbreviated as Miley. As you noticed, it has nothing to do with her real name: Destiny’s Hope.

Featherweight – Hassan Emilio Kabande Laiza

Featherweight performed during The Genesis Tour at The FLA Live Arena.

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The stage name of the Mexican singer is somewhat strange and so, he has told where he comes from. Nickname given by Boxer canelo alvarez, as Hassan himself calls Asked him choose a name, And so it happened, the world champion nicknamed him ‘Featherweight’referring to one of boxing categories, Obviously, the Mexican accepted, as he is a big fan of the sport.

Quevedo – Pedro Luis Dominguez Quevedo

Singer Quevedo during a concert at the Visink Center on May 5, 2023 in Madrid, Spain. The Canarian artist has toured throughout Spain with her DQE Tour. (Photo by Alvaro Laguna/Pacific Press)

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The revolutionary artist of this time, who has the same name as the author Francisco de Quevedo, is not related to him, and gets his stage name from here His My Surname, What young Pedro didn’t expect was that New generations hear the name ‘Quevedo’ and think of the greatest current reference in urban musicNot a famous writer of the golden age.

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