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The reveal of Dune: Spice Wars it was an unexpected but welcome surprise during The Game Awards 2021. Even if it’s been a short time, we also already have the opportunity to discover new information on the gameplay, factions and modes thanks to a FAQ shared by the developers via the Steam page.

The developer – Shiro Games – answered some questions about the title. It clarifies that Dune Spice Wars is a combination of 4X and real-time strategy elements that includes, among other things, base building. The game was developed from the ground up, which means it won’t feature any elements of Shiro’s previous strategy game, Northgard. The maps will also be procedurally generated and will sport a variety of unique features for players to tinker with.

A map of Dune Spice Wars

A map of Dune Spice Wars

Shiro Games previously announced two playable factions: Casa Harkonnen and Casa Atreides. He plans to have two more factions at launch and a fifth house will be released during Early Access. Shiro says he wants to stick with the book series first and foremost, stating that houses that have appeared in previous Dune games but not in the original materials, such as House Ordos, may not return in Dune Spice Wars.

Then there is the confirmation of the presence of a multiplayer mode. A campaign will be added at some point in Early Access. Shiro may also introduce mod support, depending on the level of demand. It is also said that for the time being the Italian language will not be supported.

Dune: Spice Wars is slated to launch in Early Access on PC by 2022, but Shiro could bring the game to other platforms after launch.

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