Details suggest that the Mega evolution will return in Pokémon Scarlet and Purple

From Twitter, we have received several publications related to one of the most prominent Nintendo franchises. We are actually talking about Pokemon.

Throughout the different titles of the franchise we have been able to observe various mechanics such as Z movements or the Dinamax and Gigamax forms. Therefore, we could ask ourselves what mechanics could be present in the 9th generation.

Some Pokémon fans claim that the Mega evolution introduced in the 6th generation could be back relating his theories to the strange artifact visible in the Japanese version of the titles. In the post that we leave you below super effective He relates it to the Ultimate Weapon present in Pokémon X and Y:

Other theories state that could be a combination of Mega Evolution, Z Moves and Dynamax energy in connection with a moment in the opening sequence of the anime of the franchise. You can see it below:

What do you think? We read you in the comments.


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