Dev of popular indie invites gamers to hack his game and download it for free

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LoopHero It was one of the best indie games of 2021 and is available across tons of regions, platforms, and services. If for some reason you haven’t played it and the consequences of the Russian invasion of Ukraine have affected you, you should know that its developer studio invites you to pirate their game and download it for free.

Four Quarters, developer studio in charge of LoopHero published a message that caught the attention of the entire PC community. In it they openly invited the community to hack their game and even shared a link to a torrent for those interested to download. LoopHero without having to pay a dime.

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Now, don’t think that the Russian developer studio woke up with an allergy to money or something similar. It just so happens that they announced this as a response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, which they publicly oppose.

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But what the hell does hacking have to do with LoopHero with this war? What happens is that different sanctions have made customers in Russia unable to buy LoopHero on Steam. Thus, it is a gesture for all those people who would like to enjoy the game, but who cannot do so due to political situations in which they do not have a say.

The original post drew so much attention that Four Quarters had to do a development update stating that “there is nothing wrong with torrenting”. The development team also assured that they do not need donations and that the best people should allocate their support to their loved ones and families.

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Until now, Devolver Digital, distributor of LoopHeroHe has not commented on it. We’ll keep an eye out and let you know if the company supports Four Quarters’ words or disapproves of them inviting Loop Hero hacks.

And you, what do you think about this situation? Do you think Four Quarters did the right thing? Tell us in the comments.

Follow this link to learn more about the gaming industry in Russia.


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